15 Adorable Gender Reveals That Will Trigger Your Baby Fever
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15 Adorable Gender Reveals That Will Make Your Baby Fever Reach An All Time High

That moment when you're not even married but you're already planning your gender revel.

15 Adorable Gender Reveals That Will Make Your Baby Fever Reach An All Time High

If the fact that you'll soon be welcoming a little you into the world isn't exciting enough, finding out if it's a boy or a girl is probably the next best thing. Gender reveal parties are all the rage right now for new mommies and daddies to be. I am all about celebrating the little things in life and if finding out if my future baby is a boy or a girl means another excuse for a party, then sign me up!

While there has been quite the controversy over gender reveal parties, I want to focus on the overarching idea that every couple parents their children differently. However, I believe that gender revels are a way to get the expecting couple and family excited about the soon-to-be baby. As well as bring a community of people together that love and support the baby's parents. Now, get ready to say "awwww" because here are 15 gender reveals that will have you pinning ideas left and right.

To kick things off, here is a sweet way to share the news! 

There is nothing better than cake. Especially when you cut into it to find out that you're expecting a little boy! This is one idea that everyone is sure to find adorable and tasty!

If you don't want a big cake, try cake pops! 

Baby gender reveal party ideas get creative; here are best from around the internet


Sometimes big cakes can be a hassle, so do little cake pops! This is a perfect opportunity to pass them out and get everyone involved in the big moment!

Another way to drop the news is with a smoke bomb! 

One of my all time favorite Youtube couples, Aspyn and Parker Ferris, are expecting their first baby! While this photo is how they announced that they were having a little girl, you can watch their gender reveal video here to see how their party played out!

Sometimes it's so exciting you feel like you're going to POP! 

One of the most common and exciting ways to share your reveal can be by popping a balloon! Most couples will have their doctor write the gender on a card then have a friend or family member fill a balloon with pink or blue confetti. Make sure to grab a camera to capture this insta-worthy moment!

Maybe you two love to workout and you hope your little one will too.

If you and your love are the definition of #fitnesscouple this is for you! I personally have never seen anything like this and it's a fun way to incorporate your love for health and fitness into your party!

Get silly and use some silly string!

This is a great way to get your guests involved in the fun! Have someone who doesn't mind knowing the gender before everyone else, and have them get some silly string for the party. Cover the color with black paper and hand them out when you're ready to find out what you're having!

Baseball gender reveals are a HIT! 

If you're a sports family, then this idea is for you! Order a baseball filled with either pink or blue powder and have your partner take a swing at your party!

Let the secret out of the box with this cute idea! 

How We Wonder What You Are - Our Gender Reveal Party


A star is born! This adorable idea is perfect for finding out what your little one will be. Fill a box with balloons and confetti and tie it to a tree and pull on the bottom of the box to find out the gender! How creative is this?

Open the box to find out what you're having! 

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party


These boxes can keep a secret, but not for long! This lucky couple was having twins! Oh boy!

 It's not a party without a piñata!

36 Creative Gender-Reveal Ideas That You'll Want to Consider ASAP


If party and piñata go hand in hand in your mind then this is the perfect idea for you! As a kid, I LIVED for piñatas at my friend's birthday parties. It gave me a chance to not only show off my skills with a bat and get candy. Instead of candy, you get to find out what gender your baby is! How sweet!

What Will It Bee?

The Bloom Diary

I stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest and it's the cutest! If you and your partner are into art, this might be the idea you've been looking for! Fill balloons with blue or pink paint and take your shot at finding out if it's a Mr. or little Miss!

He or She Push Pop and See - Confetti Poppers

Gender Reveal - He or She Push Pop and See - It's a Boy/Girl! (Set of 20) Confetti Poppers


Another fun way to get your loved ones involved in the fun is to pass out confetti push pops. Have everyone gather around the parents to-be and have them push them up at the same time!

 It's raining blue or pink! 

gender reveal | gender reveal pics | Pinterest | Gender Reveal, Baby gender reveal party and Gender reveal photos


Turn your gender reveal into a photo opportunity! This cute couple had blue paint rain down on them in celebration of their baby boy!

If you already have a little one..have them help share the news! 


How cute is this little guy? This is a precious way to get the little ones involved to melt hearts all across the party!

 For the family that is about ready to EXPLODE with excitement...

Volcano gender reveal | Gender reveal #2 | Pinterest | Gender Reveal, Gender and Volcano


This reminds me of the volcano Disney short that was featured at the beginning of "Inside Out." I adored that little Hawaiian short! If you are wanting some tropical vibes for your party this is the way to go!

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