How Big Is The Debate On Men Vs Women?
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How Big Is The Debate On Men Vs Women?

Why is it that men are deemed superior to women, even in modern times?

How Big Is The Debate On Men Vs Women?

Power is something that humans constantly struggle with, and have always struggled with since the beginning of time. For some reason, society has this stigma that men are superior to women (in theory), and it’s been so bad in the past that it’s caused huge debates and court cases. The way I was raised, women are equal to men. Just because women have a different anatomy and a separate way of thinking than we do does not make them inferior in any way, shape, or form. Yes, I will admit that some men can do certain physical things a lot faster than some women can, but that is only because the men might have trained a little more or might be a little bit bigger and stronger.

There are many women who can definitely outshine many men on this planet, so it always blows my mind when small-minded people on various social media sites try to diminish women in any way based off something that takes place throughout the day (something during a sporting event, a typo in a tweet or Instagram post, etc.).

Before I continue this, I have no intention of insulting anyone, make a case for a specific race, nor attack another race. I am merely speaking on neutral ground. It’s not enough that society likes to diminish females in general, but race and gender tend to intertwine at almost every turn with these situations. It’s not enough that society places men on a huge pedestal, but white men are looked upon as the superior being. I know, it sounds like I’m “attacking the white man”, but I can definitely assure you that I’m not attacking anyone; instead, I’m trying to prove a point about society’s influence on its members.

Women are already degraded in various ways, and if you are a black woman, somehow, its worse than being a white woman. One of my friends once told me that a guy she was talking to stopped talking to her to “go talk to a white B****”. Why is the derogatory term necessary when using her race? Society has driven this wall between the genders and races that no matter what, race and gender is always a crucial factor in determining certain solutions.

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