How Big Is The Debate On Men Vs Women?

How Big Is The Debate On Men Vs Women?

Why is it that men are deemed superior to women, even in modern times?

Power is something that humans constantly struggle with, and have always struggled with since the beginning of time. For some reason, society has this stigma that men are superior to women (in theory), and it’s been so bad in the past that it’s caused huge debates and court cases. The way I was raised, women are equal to men. Just because women have a different anatomy and a separate way of thinking than we do does not make them inferior in any way, shape, or form. Yes, I will admit that some men can do certain physical things a lot faster than some women can, but that is only because the men might have trained a little more or might be a little bit bigger and stronger.

There are many women who can definitely outshine many men on this planet, so it always blows my mind when small-minded people on various social media sites try to diminish women in any way based off something that takes place throughout the day (something during a sporting event, a typo in a tweet or Instagram post, etc.).

Before I continue this, I have no intention of insulting anyone, make a case for a specific race, nor attack another race. I am merely speaking on neutral ground. It’s not enough that society likes to diminish females in general, but race and gender tend to intertwine at almost every turn with these situations. It’s not enough that society places men on a huge pedestal, but white men are looked upon as the superior being. I know, it sounds like I’m “attacking the white man”, but I can definitely assure you that I’m not attacking anyone; instead, I’m trying to prove a point about society’s influence on its members.

Women are already degraded in various ways, and if you are a black woman, somehow, its worse than being a white woman. One of my friends once told me that a guy she was talking to stopped talking to her to “go talk to a white B****”. Why is the derogatory term necessary when using her race? Society has driven this wall between the genders and races that no matter what, race and gender is always a crucial factor in determining certain solutions.

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I Will Always Respect The American Flag, Even If You Won't

No, it's not about my disagreement with your protest; it's about what the flag truly symbolizes.

Nothing annoys me more than people who disrespect the military. It really isn't always their fault, though. Many people are just generally unaware of how much servicemen and servicewomen sacrifice for us, the general civilian public, so they don't understand what they are degrading.

However, that does not lessen the bitterness that people who associate a flag with fallen brothers and sisters in arms and family feel when people kneel for and generally disrespect the flag. To them, kneeling for and disrespecting the flag is not just a protest against the nation and its ill actions, but rather a disrespect for the lives lost defending that flag and its rights.

My issue is not with the reason for the protest, rather it is with the unintended consequences.

I am POSITIVE that those who kneel during the National Anthem in front of the flag and disrespect it have never seen one being presented to the weeping family of a dead soldier. They have never stood at a funeral and heard "Taps" being played by fellow servicemen. They have never felt a 21-gun salute rattle their bones.

My first semester at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, I was blessed with being able to work on a project concerning PTSD in veterans and possible solutions to this widespread reaction. I was blessed enough to be able to interview active and retired service members with PTSD or that have experience with PTSD. Talking to them was the most eye-opening experience I have ever had. I listened to their harrowing stories from their conflicts while deployed and their struggles once they returned home.

I was completely moved not only by their bravery and resilience but also by their unwavering willingness to return in a heartbeat to defend those back in the States. They even explicitly mentioned returning to defend those who had views different than theirs, especially concerning this kneeling matter, solely because freedom of speech and expression are two of the essential pillars the USA was built upon.

The issue is most people don't understand what the flag really means. It’s easy to view it simplistically and say that when one kneels for the flag they are just kneeling to show their revolt for the general mistreatment of their race by the nation. However, they do not realize that to the large military population of the USA it means much more. It means that you are disregarding their friends who gave the ultimate sacrifice and the families that have received a folded flag in remembrance of their deceased loved ones.

I understand your right to peacefully protest, and I support that right, just as those who are, have been and will be overseas support that right. That’s why they signed up. They want to give all of us that are privileged enough to be citizens of the USA the opportunity to do whatever we want within humane limits. And that includes the right to peacefully protest. Anything.

However, I personally will never partake in this form of protest regardless of how strongly I feel for the cause behind it because I cannot support actions that hurt those who have given their all for us.

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5 Decades Later, Is Dr. King's Dream Still Alive?

Let's set aside our differences and live in harmony.

“Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord why don't we?” For the past few days, this song has been playing to in my head and I am currently listening to it as I write this. When we listen to music time after time we dive deeper into the song to find the meaning. Whether it is Logic’s "1-800-273-8255 " — which, after researching, we learn is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and now know this song was a way for Logic to reach out and help — or Alessia Cara’s "Scars to Your Beautiful" — which is about body image and how everyone is beautiful, also contributes to a deep meaning argument.

Songs all have meaning and the meanings provided are something that could be beneficial to each and every one of us. Some songs make us emotional and some of them make us stop and think. I can hear a song and I’ll sit there and just wonder what did I just listen to. Obviously, when I heard the song “Ebony and Ivory ” for the first time I knew it was about living in a world where we can both get along but I didn’t know who wrote it or when it was written. It had meaning to me and that while there are times we might struggle to get along we must always fight to live together in perfect harmony.

This song was written and performed in 1982 by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, who without a doubt are two of the best songwriters and singers of the 20th century. It is a number one single but it also tackles a huge issue at the time and something still huge in our time and society.

Recently we observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day which is a day where we remember a leader of the Civil Rights Movement who worked for everyone to get along. With this song being written twenty years after MLK’s March on Washington it can be stated that this song went a long way. While it was common to sing with other famous artists and it still is, it might not have been as common for two people to sing about an issue such as race especially when it was in the 1980s.

It has been more than 50 years since the March on Washington and more than 60 years since the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. So much has been accomplished since that time but I feel there are times where everything we work for isn’t shown. Recently my university witnessed one of our own say a racial slur on one of her social networks. The University of Alabama responded by expelling her. While this event is still fresh in my mind I can't help but think about how this wasn’t the dream MLK had in mind. I know it is going to be difficult for everyone to get along but we need to understand that there is a time and place for saying some things and some things aren’t worth mentioning.

I strongly urge everyone to go listen to this song by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. I have been blessed enough to have friends from all backgrounds and being able to see two famous musicians make beautiful music makes me feel even better. Being able to see something like this continues to give me hope for the future.

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