These cute Canadian geese are an integral part of the Busch campus at Rutgers University. They stand their ground in the fall and spring eating all the grass in sight and honking at passersby while standing on buildings. They are also known for occasionally charging and attacking students. Although some would argue Busch would be better off without them, here's why the Busch geese are invaluable:

1. They add to the atmosphere

Busch is the campus of mainly STEM-related classes. It is dreary at times and known for its large open spaces. With the geese, dullness and mundanity are no longer things to be expected on this campus. The open space is decorated with the lively natural wildlife of geese eating grass and honking.

2. They wake you up during class

There is nothing I hate more than dozing off in a class because I didn't get a good night's rest. But don't worry! The Busch geese are here to help you out. They stand on the roofs of buildings and run around, waking you up in the class and keeping you on your toes! Who knows when the next sound of footsteps will start? The excitement of these roof geese and of the geese also outside honking will be enough to keep you awake.

3. They are adorable

The goose with its long neck and football-shaped body are adorable creatures to be loved instead of feared. I have always looked at them while walking around campus and wondered how far I could get while holding one under my arm. They are cute and their chicks which hatch in the spring are even cuter!

4. They are free workers for Busch campus

The geese on campus keep the lawns well maintained with their diets of grass. They also are our own natural security system. They keep the students in line and off the grass. The students stay in large groups in order to appease the geese, increasing student security.

The Busch geese are one of my favorite wildlife at Rutgers and whenever I have a goose sighting, they always make my day. These exciting and adorable creatures are part of the Busch ecosystem and keep students on their toes. I can't even imagine my college experience without them.