18 Gavin Memes That Perfectly Convey Every College Freshman's Fall Semester
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Student Life

18 Gavin Memes That Perfectly Convey Every College Freshman's Fall Semester

"No" - Gavin

18 Gavin Memes That Perfectly Convey Every College Freshman's Fall Semester
Memes Of Gavin//Twitter

Returning to college brings so many mixed feelings for a student.

The experiences and memories you make throughout the semester are amazing, yet the work and challenges you have to endure can sometimes be painful. You never know what to expect your fall semester. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, you will still face the daily struggles of being a college student.

The only way I can accurately depict these struggles and emotions is through Gavin's memes.

He just understands us college kids like no one else. This one's for you, Gav:

1. When you move in

You come dressed in whatever didn't fit in your suitcase. You can't believe the line for the elevators and are thinking the early move-in charge would have been worth it.

2. When you see your friends

It's the first time you are seeing each other in over three months and it just feels so right.

3. When you eat in the cafe

The food was even worse than you remembered.

4. When you're in your first class

You will get a 4.0 this semester because you are studious and eager for knowledge.

5. Your first night out

You're out with your squad and you're feeling yourself.

6. The morning after your first night out

What day is it? How long did you sleep for?

7. When you miss your first class

It was totally the alarm's fault.

8. When you actually look at your syllabus

There are many many many things expected of you.

9. When you're already out of money

Yeah you needed food but you're way too in debt for that privilege.

10. When you get your first test back

Why do bad things happen to good people?

11. When your classmate got a 100 without studying


12. When your final will be cumulative

You haven't taken a single note in three months and never bought the textbook.

13. When coffee can't even help you anymore

You lost hope for your 8 am's weeks ago.

14. When your professors say you will not get by only doing the least

Do they know who you are?

15. But then your professor proves you wrong

"Mom? Are you there? Hi, I'm dropping out of school"

16. When your professor says no more extra credit

How are you expected to get your grades up if you're not getting 50 extra points on each exam???

17. When you have to pack for winter break

You barely know how you got all of your stuff to school in the first place. Now you have piles of stuff all over your room and your suitcase is no where to be found

18. When you survived the Fall semester

You got straight A's, you didn't die of hunger, and you had a social life. Congratulations! You made it!

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