In 1965, scientists at the University of Florida created this super magical potion that is literally the cure for everything: Gatorade.

Yes, believe it or not, something good came from the state of Florida. As a college student, I owe Gatorade my life and so much more.

Here's to you, Gatorade, and the 9 times you saved my life:

1. When I'm sick

We've had this ingrained in our minds since we were little. Gatorade and soup is the perfect remedy for head colds, fevers, the flu, etc. I don't know what kind of magical elixir they pour into those bottles, but Gatorade is clutch AF all the time.

2. Waking up hungover

Shoutout to the first person that bought me a Gatorade when I had a night of bad decisions. Again, the crazy voodoo stuff they put in those bottles works wonders.

3. Pretending it's healthy when it's only supposed to be used for athletes

Gatorade was created to replenish electrolytes lost in sweat, everyone has heard the commercials. However I, along with numerous others, are guilty of thinking I'm part of the #FitFam just because I'm putting down a Gatorade when it's actually packed full of sugar (carbohydrates).

4. As a great way to cover up... other things

Gatorade isn't just for hangovers, you know. If you don't want to taste whatever horribleness you're pouring into your cup, red Gatorade hides everything. Please don't tell my mom.

5. Late night study sessions

We're in college and we need every imaginable thing we can put into our bodies to keep us awake. No, we're not Division I athletes, but we do need to have endurance for hours on end.

6. When I'm tired of drinking water

Sometimes I decide I'm going to be healthy and drink water for three days straight. Then the taste of water becomes like sawdust and I have to drink something sort of healthy with taste. Voila!

7. Pre-workout mixer

A lot of pre-workouts taste like dead skin and tears. Gatorade makes pre-workout taste like heaven, plus it's a great energy source for your workout.

8. Every time I watch "The Waterboy"

Literally my favorite line from the Adam Sandler movie. Gatoraaaaaaaaade. H-2-O! Gaaaaatorade. H-2-0!

9. As a disguise for drinking things I shouldn't in public

Have a pregame you're going to but don't want to carry a bunch of different containers? Nobody will ask what kind of liquid is in the 32oz Gatorade bottle.