Going Into Gaming Journalism

True journalism is more important than ever with the rise of false news being reported. New ways to gain information and resources are bound to change in the future with the help of true journalists. With that in mind, true journalism will be an unstoppable force.

The line of journalism that I would like to work in is gaming journalism. Gaming journalists are underestimated. When people think of a gamer, most people think of a loser sitting in their parent's basement wasting their life away. That stereotype needs to be shut down immediately! To me, being a gamer is a lifestyle and appreciated art. Creating games is associated with creative arts. Gaming companies like IGN and Gamespot review games and cover gaming-related stories. I can assure you that they are not losers. This type of work inspires me to be a better gaming journalist and to improve my writing skills and techniques.

In my junior year of high school, I decided to make a YouTube channel. The first thing I wrote was a "Wonder Woman" (2017) movie review. Then I wrote a review about a game called Dungeon Defenders. Surprisingly, a freelance writing group called TheLootGaming found my reviews on my channel and asked me to write for their team. Our website was recently featured on a gaming review website called Open Critic. As a part of the team, I am constantly improving my writing skills. Every article and review I write is being critiqued by the team and my family members to ensure that every piece of work that I produce is my best one. The team is constantly growing, and I hope to reach even bigger places and grow as a writer at the same time.

In the future, I hope to change journalism not only in gaming but also as a whole. With my leadership and writing skills, I hope to make new additions to promote journalism and to improve the art of writing. My goal is to build an international gaming company better than IGN and Gamespot. I want to show the world that being a gamer doesn't define you as a loser, but can be the foundation of creativity and innovation.

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