A Letter To My Future Boyfriend
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A Letter To My Future Boyfriend

I can’t really tell you what ever got me, besides you probably are the complete package.

A Letter To My Future Boyfriend
Covenantal Thoughts

Dear Future Boyfriend,

Wow, let me tell you, you should feel like the greatest guy on Earth because it took me over 19 years to let me trust someone. Trust has been something that I don’t give to just anyone, because I’m the one that always wants to be in control. My family and friends can justify that; I only fully trust a handful of my friends. And you sure will know if you are one of them. I’ve waited this long, and I am not one who will just settle for anything, literally, you have to check off each component of the list. It's not that scary, though, there are only a few pretty simple things.

I have had my standards very high since watching High School Musical. Troy Bolton sure set them to the bar with his gentlemanly character and charming personality, though you can't forget about those looks! Since I was a young girl my mom told me to never settle for something I don’t want in life, and that has stuck with me for many years regarding the man I will call my boyfriend one day. I went through school with girls getting boyfriends left and right then breaking up with them a few weeks after and moving on to the next. I don’t want one of those, and I never have. I want a guy that, even though this might sound insane, is one that I can see myself spending my future with for a very long time. I’m not in this game of love for the numbers of names I can keep in the Notes section of my iPhone, but rather, the one guy that I can be proud to say is mine.

As you can tell family is very important for me. They have taught me that looks are not everything and that the best guys are the ones with a warm and sensitive heart that make you happy. Looking at my parents who have a strong and successful relationship that just celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary, and I want to be getting one like theirs. My brother is my best friend, no matter what, and I know that I cannot be with a guy that he does not approve of or like. His opinion matters so much, not only in the crazy aspect of you and I getting married but also since my brother will call him his brother in law, though he will be the one to take care of his little sister. When I look for a boyfriend, weirdly as this might sound, I look for someone like my dad, a man that is so caring about his family and would do anything for anyone, though who also is shy and awkward at times that once you get him out of his shell is the life of the party!

My mom, dad and brother are truly the ones whose opinions mean the absolute most to me, and don’t worry, they really are not that intimidating! That will probably be the hardest test you will go through, though, their biggest thing they look for is a man who treats me well, has a good sense of humor, a big heart, makes me happy, and are themselves. It is not too bad, and that is exactly what you are! I searched far and wide for a man that truly is my prince charming, and you should be glad that I didn’t pass you up. Not just because I am your total mom who will take care of you when you’re sick, cook, bake and clean, but because I know what I want and I am not afraid to keep my standards high.

I can’t really tell you whatever got me, besides that you probably are the complete package. You have your nuts and bolts that make you unique, crazy and funny, but don’t worry because I am the exact same but somehow we fit together pretty well! So thank you for being you and caring for me so very much, and just know you truly are one special guy!


Your Girlfriend

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