YouTube Videos To Make You Laugh Through Finals

5 YouTube Videos To Make You Laugh During Your Study Breaks On Finals Week

We all get a little stressed sometimes, here are some videos to make you laugh and smile during your study breaks on finals week!


Many of you know the feeling of wanting to cry while studying for the impending doom that we know as finals. Here are some videos that put a smile on my face, and hopefully yours too, when I need a bit of a break.

For those who just want to smile.

This 17 minute long video will have you smiling at the stupidly-cute baby face of Wes Fulmer, but will also probably have you saying #relatable to Eugene's cluelessness.

For those who need some eye-candy time.

For my fellow brothers and sisters and gender non-conforming fam who find Michael B. Jordan an angel sent from heaven to bless your soul with his face, this one is for you. Oh, and there are really freakin' cute puppies as well!

For those who love FRIENDS.

If you love FRIENDS as much as I do, then you'll know these scenes never ever get old! I know this doesn't have all of the best moments, but it's ten minutes long and you need to get back to studying eventually!

For the New Girl lovers.

"I've never been more sober in my whole life" -Nick Miller

And finally, for those who want to laugh at others' expenses.

Andy never fails to make us laugh, but now we're adding Chrissy to the mix? This will have you snorting!

I hope everyone got a few chuckles out from these videos. Now it's time to get back to work and kill those exams so you can watch more funny videos later!

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