Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: February Edition
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Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: February Edition

"Communism is becoming cool again."

Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: February Edition

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, an entire array of events are packed into it. The Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, and of course a test week here and there all have a spot in our planner during the month of February. With all of this excitement going on, we're bound to hear some stressed out students expressing their thoughts. Whether it's in the MLC, above the loud music at DJRX, or in the morning on the Milledge bus, no one is safe from being overheard. Here's what we got this time.

1. "WHY would ANYONE use anything besides a Mac computer?"

2. “She diagnosed someone with autism in the middle of our class.”

3. “His messages are green so I think I’m gonna stop texting him.”

4. “She made an ATL themed playlist to play every time the Falcons scored.”

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5. "Communism is becoming cool again."

6. “I saw the Ying Yang Twins at Ole Miss in '09. It was the best night of my life.”

7. “I’m like a player on Family Feud when I’m in class, I clap and say ‘GOOD ANSWER,’ sometimes even when it’s a horrible answer.”

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8. “There’s something so riveting about experiencing all four seasons in one day.”

9. “I work at the Chick-Fil-A on Barnett Shoals, not Beechwood, you heathen.”

10. “One of my middle school boyfriends went to the Super Bowl. I can’t believe he didn’t invite me.”

11. “I found his Facebook and apparently he’s a hardcore LARPer.”

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12. "I can't believe this bar doesn't have a coat check!"

13. “There’s a zoo that let’s you name a cockroach after your ex in exchange for a $10 donation.”

14. “Let’s do coke during finals week next year to enhance our studying.”

15. “I found a recipe for heart shaped mozzarella sticks, so I know what I’M doing for Valentine’s Day.”

16. “Our fraternity house chef steals our cups. I hate him.”

17. “I really hate LEGO’s logo. It has a horrible use of color.”

18. “Do you think I can go to the Botanical Garden’s Valentine’s Day dinner by myself? It’s in the conservatory!”

19. “My plans for Valentine’s Day? A heart shaped pizza for one.”

20. “I’m still wondering which of my eight boyfriends I’m gonna hang out with on Valentine’s Day. I also wonder how my eight boyfriends would feel if they each knew I called them my boyfriends."

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You're all my valentines,


Eavesdropping Girl

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