Be thankful this season & make sure you throw in a caption that shows just that!

1. I'm all about that baste. 

For those of you who don't get it... it's a mashup of basting a turkey and Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass." Perfect for post-meal selfies!

2. Gobble til' you wobble!

Okay you got me... most of these might be food/feast based. Who doesn't love food though?

3. Keep calm and gobble on. 

Yeah yeah, you know the drill. Food, turkey, feast... all on repeat.

4. Let's get this bread. 

All jokes aside, this is actually the perfect time to use this! Bread and carbs are the epitome of Thanksgiving. Am I right... or am I right?

5. Just keep eating, just keep eating...

This is a perfect caption (thank you Dory) and a perfect life tip! Remember ladies and gentlemen, eat to your heart's content!

6. Let's get (cranberry) sauced. 

But also, don't get lost in the sauce.

7. Home is wherever I'm with you. 

Very cheesy, yes I know. However, perfect for your girlfriend/boyfriend for the holidays, or better yet, your dog (or all pets)!

8. Happy Winesgiving! 

In honor of all the Winos out there (no shame)!

9. Oh my gourd, I'm stuffed. 

Slight chuckle... am I right? If you don't know what a gourd is... shame on you.

10. Pies before guys. 

Sorry boys, but Thanksgiving is the time for turkey, pie, and wine. Goodbye, try again next month!

11. One bite closer to Christmas. 

So... I guess this means Thanksgiving is just the opening act and Christmas is the main event!

12. Fall so hard, motherpumpkins wanna spice me. 

I guess we have Jay-Z and Kanye to thank for this?

13. Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 

Imagine: a cute selfie of you drinking coffee! *Insert caption*

Here are 13 awesome (and funny... and punny) captions that you could use for your Thanksgiving pictures! They're perfect for selfies, pictures with significant others, pictures with your family, pictures with your friends, pictures with food, or pictures with your pets!