'The Office' Funniest Moments From All Seasons
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The 11 Funniest Scenes From 'The Office,' From The First Aid Fail To Jim's Impersonation Of Dwight

It truly surprises how the cast was able to stay in character while shooting these scenes. If it were me, I'd be laughing every two seconds and expecting way too many bloopers to count!

Dwight in the episode First Aid Fail

"The Office" is arguably one of the funniest and greatest shows of all time. I am all for the documentary style, Jim's stares into the camera, Michael's no filter personality and Dwight's try-hard moments. Each character brings something special into the show, making for some really hilarious scenes.

Whether you love the show or have never seen it, I present to you my 11 favorites scenes from "The Office."

1. Fire Drill

*Amidst all the chaos*

Dwight: "Have you ever seen a burn victim?"

Angela: "SAVE BANDIT."

Bandit: "MROWL"

Michael: "BARACK IS PRESIDENT. You are black, Stanley!"

This is my all-time favorite scene from the show. In less than five minutes, it really shows you the true nature of all the characters, and to everyone's surprise, Michael is the only one who is smart enough to break a window and shout for help.

Kevin goes for the vending machine, Oscar climbs through the ceiling, Angela is busy rescuing her cat, Dwight is passively giving instructions and commentary, Stanley is running for his life, Andy is freaking out that the fire is shooting at them, and Michael is doing anything but staying f*cking calm! Most importantly, Angela's cat, Bandit is a true rockstar for flying through the ceiling and falling back down alive.

2. First Aid Fail

"No arms or legs is basically how you exist Kevin. You don't do anything."

This isn't one of the most popular scenes of the show for no reason. Everything from the sudden dance outburst to "Staying Alive" to Michael questioning the dummy's quality of life because it doesn't have any arms or legs is priceless. And of course, Dwight cutting open the Dummy and putting the mask on his face while saying "Clarice" had me crying with laughter.

3. Jim Impersonates Dwight


I live for Jim and Dwight's relationship. This scene is one of my favorites in the series because Jim totally nails Dwight's look and mannerisms.

4. Michael Scott's School Of Management

"Come on, Olympics of suffering right here...slavery VS the Holocaust."

"Stir the MELTING POT, Pam!"

This scene is genius. I don't know what's more priceless: Michael declaring himself the role of Martin Luther King Jr. by encouraging the employees to be racist to one another or Stanley's card reading "Black."

5. Michael Scott Sensitivity Training

"Who let the lemon head into the room?"

Michael's sensitivity training is anything but sensitive. From him thinking that Oscar's sexuality is his choice to making fun of Kevin's weight to calling Toby 'a waste of life,' Michael is absolutely savage. Oh, the irony!

6. Jim and Dwight's Party Planning


Jim and Dwight's failed and tireless efforts to throw Kelly a late birthday party is incredibly fun to watch. Forget a birthday theme, they can barely spell her name right!

7. Kelly Explains What A Text Message REALLY Means

Angela: "Is this spicy?

Brandon: "Nah, baby girl."

Everything in this scene is hilarious, ranging from Oscar's reaction to Kelly's explanation to Kevin's side commentary.

8. Stanley Yells At Ryan

"Boy, have you lost your mind 'cause I'll help you find it!"

It's Bring Your Child To Work Day, and Stanley isn't happy about Ryan talking to his daughter. Poor Ryan has to listen to Stanley yelling. Even though Stanley is usually calm and unconcerned about his surroundings, he is absolutely golden when he speaks and laughs.

9. Michael, Jim and Dwight Phone Call


Michael's "microgement" session in which Jim plays the role of an angry, old customer, William M. Buttlicker while Dwight tries to maintain his composure is absolutely hilarious.

10. How To Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner


Things get a little weird when Michael and Jan invite their co-workers to their home for a Thanksgiving dinner. Not only is there no food, but the couple's passive aggression towards each other is uncomfortable and hilarious to watch. Michael's repeated vasectomies are the only topic of conversation. AWKWARD.

11. Dunder Mifflin Is A Quiet Place

*Kevin bites chocolate*

"Oh... YEAH!"

Dunder Mifflin employees challenge themselves to the longest silent streak in office history! Unfortunately, it only lasts 20 minutes. Watching the employees struggle to maintain silence is hilarious and relatable.

It truly surprises how the cast was able to stay in character while shooting these scenes. If it were me, I'd be laughing every two seconds and expecting way too many bloopers to count!

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