Funny-A Poem about Loving Yourself

Author's Note: I wrote this poem after finally realizing that I like who I am. Because after years of being the butt end of jokes I couldn't take it. I know who I am and I am happy with that. We are not jokes, we are all human being who deserve love. I hope this poem makes you realize that you are amazing just the way you are. Instead of being the punch line live up to who you are and own it. Enjoy the poem and god bless!


You want to know something funny?

I’ve done a lot of thinking recently,

Yeah hard to believe I know.

Who would ever have thought that I was capable of such a marvel.

That’s exactly what I was thinking about.

How people tend to only look skin deep.

They don’t see all the beautiful caverns filled with such treasures or dreams that fly as high as birds.

No, they see the scars but not the battles and wars they came from.

They see the acne and bruises but don’t realize the time you spend looking in the mirror every morning and night.

People file you into some kind of twisted stereotype and label you as freak the moment they see you.

To them you are the punch line of a bad joke.

However lately I’ve come to terms with who I am.

And that means all of me.

Not just the pieces you like or the bits you try to shove on to me, but me.

Everything that’s me.

The music cranked up to 75.

The clothes from goodwill and the split lip.

The tough as nails attitude and the short haircut.

Even the parts of me that some people hate.

The pink, lilac, and blue of it all.

Every bit of me I love.

So, I guess what I’ve been wondering for years is why can’t you?

But the conclusion I only came to just 2 weeks ago is that your opinion means as much to me as the gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

Because if all you see is the bad in my life then what’s going on in your head?

What made you this way?

Who hurt you?

Instead of pitying me maybe you should take a good look in the mirror before breaking others down.

Cause guess what?

I’m happy.

I love being exactly who I am.

And to me that’s funny.

Cause newsflash, you just became the punchline of a bad joke

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