9 Fun Things To Do On A Friday Night In Waco That DON'T Involve Partying

There is actually a lot to do in Waco, Texas and If you do just a little bit of research, you can see what a gem this city is.

1. Going out to eat

This is one that everyone does anyway, but I know my friends and I find our best fellowship in a restaurant or fast food place.

2. Trips to the various coffee shops

We have plenty of Starbucks in our town but I prefer going to places such as Common Grounds and Dichotomy. Their coffee is life-changing!

3. Bowling

We have multiple bowling alleys and even though I am the worst bowler, I'll put up my kiddy bumpers and enjoy my night with friends anyway.

4. Putt-putt

To my knowledge, we only have two places to play Putt-putt. Glow in the dark in the mall and Kiddieland near the fairgrounds. I always love going there and taking a trip down memory lane.

5. Dessert

Waco is up and coming, we now have many different dessert places to go, from rolled ice cream to new bakeries, I am sure you can find something to suit your sweet tooth.

6. Movies

There are three movie theaters in town, two just regular theaters. The third is the Hippodrome, which is a movie with a waitstaff that will bring full meals to your table.

7. Tortilla tossing

You cannot be considered a Wacoan if you have never gone to the suspension bridge and tried to make tortillas on the platform in the middle of the Brazos River.

8. Playing pool 

Many Baylor kids can be found at Crickets on a Friday night playing pool and shuffleboard. They have good drinks, good food, and very awkward bathrooms.

9. Concerts

There are many concert venues in Waco, a popular one being The Backyard Bar, Stage, & Grill where you can watch all of your Texas Country favorites rock the crowd.

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