Could 'Frozen' Be Disney's Worst Animated Film?
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Could 'Frozen' Be Disney's Worst Animated Film?

A critical analysis of a national phenomena.

Could 'Frozen' Be Disney's Worst Animated Film?

There's a phenomena that has taken over America's youngest generation. Kids and even adults can't stop talking about their "favorite Disney movie." What is this film that could warm hearts more thoroughly than any other animated Disney film? I'm talking aboutFrozen.” Yes, the ice princess and her singing snowman have won the hearts of young and old and are taking the whole world by storm. But as far as I can tell,Frozen” is Disney's worst movie yet. It's an unpopular opinion, but one we may benefit from hearing out. Putting aside the snowman impalement, which earned the movie it's scandalous PG rating, I have a few qualms unrelated to such "terrifying" events.

The Disney Princess cliché

Despite its effort to promote heroism without a prince, the entire plot revolves around a lonely, ditzy princess finding her true love. She sings songs about it, she laments about it, she rejoices in it, she finds her identity in it. And when the man she knew for one day didn't work out, she turned to the man she knew for three days instead. Great job Disney, really extending the deadline there. Despite its attempt to make the story about sisterly love, the movie is still about romantic love and Prince Charming (or ice maker charming). Let me explain: even her search for Elsa was prompted by her sister's refusal to marry her and her newfound love. And in the end, yes she was saved by her sister, but she ran back to her new boyfriend after it was over. However you look at it,Frozen” is a cookie cutter princess flick undeserving of the praise it receives for its uniqueness. If you want an original Disney movie about family and sisterly love, I recommendLilo and Stitch.” Much better story and far more relatable characters. And while I don't recommend Brave as a good movie with stellar role models, I will commend Disney's idea that Merida should be a contentedly single princess.

2D characters

I have never seen a more stagnant set of characters in a movie ever. The only character who changed in the slightest was Hans, but I will speak more on him later. Anna started as a lonely, easily excitable princess with eyes for guys, and ended as a hooked up, easily excitable princess with eyes for guys. Elsa began as a childish, angry woman. She ended as a childish, slightly less angry woman. More on her later. Kristoff was nothing but a stagnant accessory for the princess -- as many of Disney's princes are. The trolls were unnecessary and did nothing but promote Disney clichés and tragically debilitating ideals, and cause unnecessary problems for everyone. Olaf was comic relief and apparently needed no development as a character.


Hans was a terribly executed switch on the part of Disney. In all honesty his betrayal made me angry at the franchise itself more so than the character. He in no way was created with shapeshifter characteristics and was utilized as an entirely unnecessary antagonist amidst the enemies who already existed. There was no inkling of potential in him as a main antagonist, nor any need. His flaws can be traced back to a poorly developed plot and a desperate clawing for a good twist ending. Hans was a useless shapeshifter and his switch left me annoyed at the movie entirely.


Kids adore Elsa. I can't stand her. She promotes everything that causes entitlement problems in our society today. Elsa believes the solution to her problems is to pretend they don't exist. When she gets exposed she gets defensive and hurts people. Her next brilliant solution to life's problems: let it go and run away. When consequences catch up with her, she becomes defensive and hurts people again. She is above rules and regulations, and despite the pain she causes she never apologizes, and never has to bear the brunt of her wrongdoing because everything conveniently works out in the end with hardly any effort or remorse on her part. She doesn't get the opportunity to really change or really shine as Anna horrendously overshadows her as far as plot is concerned. And if that isn't bad enough, her independence is being begged to be stolen from her in the sequel courtesy of the #giveElsaagirlfriend movement. Elsa embodies all of society’s problems and should be shown as an example of what not to grow into, rather than be used as a role model for young girls who don't know any better. Disney needs to step up and create a real hero. A real female role model for young girls to aspire to.Frozen” is a failure in my eyes.

On another note, her entire character is supposed to be modeled after The Snow Queen, a tale not so much about the queen but about the best friend of the child she kidnapped. The queen herself was literally a woman made of ice. She represented winter, as her occupation was to bring snow to warm lands at the proper time. When she wasn't out and about she sat at home and watched little Kay play with ice toys she made for him. She is not much to write a story about. Gerda, the little girl who rescued the queen's prisoner, would have been much better movie material.Frozen” supposedly is inspired by this Hans Christian Anderson classic, but if you read the story there is hardly any resemblance.

The plot

Where is it? I honestly could not follow it. The entire movie hopped around from concept to concept like an animated storyboard. There were so many holes and places that didn't add up. The movie isn't worth analyzing in any critical respect for its plot because honestly it's too terribly executed to even bother with.

The music

It's catchy, but the lyrics are cringeworthy. By far my least favorite has to be "Fixer-Upper" which encourages girls to lower their standards and promotes the idea that "people can't really change." My second least favorite is "Let It Go," the fan favorite which promotes running away from life's problems and ignoring rules and authority. Then of course the vomit-inducing music about love and romance and some sort of need to find "the one." Why? Why is this what we want our young people to put in their heads? It breaks my heart.

The morals

I think this is the crux of my disagreement with the movie. From Anna's uncanny need for other people to complete her to Elsa's unseemly arrogance and lack of conviction a good moral to live by is hard to find. I think the biggest thing we can learn fromFrozen” is not to end up like those girls. Find your confidence in who you already are. You don't need a man or woman to complete you. You don't need to hide yourself to make you a better person. Own up to your mistakes and be willing to make things right. Don't run from your problems, face them head on like a real hero would.

Maybe you disagree. Most people do. But there are certainly some considerable points made. Perhaps it's time to stop endorsing and adoring the sisters from Arendelle and start looking for real heroes to have our kids aspire to be.

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