During my senior year of high school many of the girls in my class would gush about what sorority they were going to join. I would sit there and laugh at how serious they were about it because Greek Life just wasn't something I saw myself getting into. I'd seen it on the movies and while it looked fun, it also looked like something I wouldn't find myself fitting in to. I didn't think I had what it took to be a "sorority girl." From seeing Legally Blonde to The House Bunny, I knew there was no way I'd ever join a sorority.

But then my first month of college rolled around and many of my friends going through formal recruitment would get dressed up at night and go to the houses to meet their potential new sisters and I would sit in my dorm eating pizza and watching Law & Order. But then after rush was over and the girls had picked their prefs and the houses had picked theirs, bid day came. Watching those girls run home to their new life-long sisters was eye opening to me.

They took it so seriously when they yelled out their names and stood with open arms to take in their new sisters. But formal recruitment was over and I had missed my chance. Until I was walking back from class and there was a table near the university center that read TRI SIGMA in big, bold, purple letters. I was greeted by a few Sigmas as they were trying to informally recruit girls for their brand new chapter on my campus.

I thought long and hard about joining because it was something I'd originally said I'd never do. But after going to the events and getting to know these wonderful ladies, I realized just how much of an impact joining a sorority could have on my life. So on September 22nd, I ran home to the greatest group of women I'd ever met. And I gained 43 sisters, when I originally had none. I'm now serving as a member of the Public Relations & Social Media committee, and one of the members of the Website committee.

For me, the thought of joining a sorority was a little intimidating and scary. I wasn't the type of girl to wear dresses and heels and go on retreats with sisters. In fact, I had even been told I didn't have nice enough clothes to be in a sorority. But here I am now, months later in a sorority of empowering women, and loving every minute of it. So yes, I am a sorority girl, and I'm so proud to be a Tri Sigma.

To those who wanted to join, or still want to, really consider it. It can be one of the most eye opening experiences that last a life time. And hey, you even gain a bunch of new sisters that you'll have forever.