From The Girl Who Said She'd Never Join A Sorority

From The Girl Who Said She'd Never Join A Sorority

From having no sisters, to more than fourty, I couldn't be happier

During my senior year of high school many of the girls in my class would gush about what sorority they were going to join. I would sit there and laugh at how serious they were about it because Greek Life just wasn't something I saw myself getting into. I'd seen it on the movies and while it looked fun, it also looked like something I wouldn't find myself fitting in to. I didn't think I had what it took to be a "sorority girl." From seeing Legally Blonde to The House Bunny, I knew there was no way I'd ever join a sorority.

But then my first month of college rolled around and many of my friends going through formal recruitment would get dressed up at night and go to the houses to meet their potential new sisters and I would sit in my dorm eating pizza and watching Law & Order. But then after rush was over and the girls had picked their prefs and the houses had picked theirs, bid day came. Watching those girls run home to their new life-long sisters was eye opening to me.

They took it so seriously when they yelled out their names and stood with open arms to take in their new sisters. But formal recruitment was over and I had missed my chance. Until I was walking back from class and there was a table near the university center that read TRI SIGMA in big, bold, purple letters. I was greeted by a few Sigmas as they were trying to informally recruit girls for their brand new chapter on my campus.

I thought long and hard about joining because it was something I'd originally said I'd never do. But after going to the events and getting to know these wonderful ladies, I realized just how much of an impact joining a sorority could have on my life. So on September 22nd, I ran home to the greatest group of women I'd ever met. And I gained 43 sisters, when I originally had none. I'm now serving as a member of the Public Relations & Social Media committee, and one of the members of the Website committee.

For me, the thought of joining a sorority was a little intimidating and scary. I wasn't the type of girl to wear dresses and heels and go on retreats with sisters. In fact, I had even been told I didn't have nice enough clothes to be in a sorority. But here I am now, months later in a sorority of empowering women, and loving every minute of it. So yes, I am a sorority girl, and I'm so proud to be a Tri Sigma.

To those who wanted to join, or still want to, really consider it. It can be one of the most eye opening experiences that last a life time. And hey, you even gain a bunch of new sisters that you'll have forever.

Cover Image Credit: Tri Sigma UCO

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Mom, This One Is For You As I Leave For College

Thanks for being my best friend.

Dear Mom,

it feels like yesterday that we were jumping up and down in the kitchen while tears of joy ran down our faces as the college acceptances started rolling in. You tagged along on my campus tours and wrote the pros and cons while I listed them off as I paced back and forth trying to make the decision of where my home would be the next four years. As six months till move in day has now turned into less than two weeks I just have a few things to say:

First, I'm going to miss you! Yes, I reminded you every couple of days how close we were to move in day and I've said several times that I can't wait to start this new chapter in my life but, I'm a lot sadder than I let on. In the midst of my excitement I have ignored the thought of not being able to see you everyday, being able to sing in the car with you to the songs we know we can kill, eating popcorn while watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights, or even something as simple as sharing a meal with you.

Secondly, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Mom, I appreciate everything you have done for me thus far in life. I appreciate you dealing with the stressful side of me that came out while dorm shopping, when I know I didn't make it easy. Thank you loving me and encouraging me these past several years that made me into the person I am today. I am grateful for the sacrifices you have made and will probably make in the future with my best interest in mind. I feel so blessed that you are my sunshine on my cloudy days.

Third, I want to apologize in advance. I know there will be times I'm too busy to come home some weekends or even talk for an hour, despite really wanting to. There will be days filled with stress when I don't want you to know about the test I failed earlier that day or about the argument I had my boyfriend or roommate. Don't take any sass or delayed texts to heart, because you know I'll always call you back, I'll always break down and need your direction, and I'll always need to hear your voice.

One last thing, you will always be my best friend. You are the person who I get all of my advice from and the one who can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. You turn my bad days into great ones. I can't wait to make you proud as I continue my education and start this new chapter in my life but, I hope you know it's all because of you. Your constant love, support, mother-daughter meals, advice, jam sessions in the car, hugs while I've cried and laughs to make me smile have all made me the person I am today. A person proud to be your daughter and a person who's ready to start college. So, mom, this one is for you!

Thank you!

With love,

Your Daughter.

P.S. thank God for FaceTime, am I right?

Cover Image Credit: Hayley Hughes

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10 small Things Students always Forget To Pack, But Definitely Need

Don't make yourself run around last minute.


Every time move-in rolls around, I always start my list of essentials, and every year I seem to forget things anyway. There are always those little things you forget that you'll need at some point down the road, whether it be as soon as you move in or three months into school.

Here are 10 of the necessities that college students always tend to forget:

1. Ziploc Bags

You might wanna pack a snack, be taking your toothbrush somewhere, or anything else. You always need one but never have one.

2. Tape

You may not be able to use it on your dorm walls, but you'll be doing an assignment and tear your paper or need it for a project.

3. Hair ties

Eventually the extra one on your wrist will break, and then what?

4. Hangers

More hangers than what you use. Because all of a sudden you'll have to hang more stuff if you do not have enough drawer space. Also, you accumulate more and more clothes during the year. Can't just steal them from Mom's closet anymore.

5. Ruler

Your professors won't just hand those out in class anymore.

6. Organizers

For things like pens/pencils, jewelry, hair stuff, etc. Can't just have everything rolling around in the same drawer. Trust me, it's a mess.

7. Medicines

Maybe some cold medicine or even ibuprofen. These are things you forget about until you get sick for the first time... desperately.

8. Hygiene products

Any and all, especially feminine hygiene products.

9. Containers

Having to throw away left over food is the worst, especially when there is a lot left and nothing to keep it in.

10. Dish washing products

You'll have to wash everything by hand, so don't forget a sponge and some soap!

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