All through high school, I was the girl who claimed to hate girls.

I hated how girls were always complaining about their boyfriends liking another girls' picture on Instagram.

I hated how girls started drama with every other girl about the most irrelevant matters, most of which that would mean absolutely nothing in ten years.

I hated how girls were so emotional. So what, you failed a test. You really do not have to cry.

I hated how girls always compared themselves to others. I hated how girls compared everything, and I mean everything. "What brand is your purse?" I mean, come on, does that even matter?

I hated how girls put other girls down because they have longer hair or don't have acne.

I could go on and on. But I'll save your precious time by just saying this... I did not like girls.

Then, I went to an all-girls college. A real smart choice when you "hate" girls, huh? Well, yes. I love it. Going to an all-girls school has really shown me that I don't hate all girls. I have opened my mind a little more, becoming more accepting of others and less like the judgmental girl I claimed to hate.

And it turns out, I do not hate girls. Because not all girls thrive off drama. Not all girls cry twice a day. Not all girls care about who's going where and who's wearing what. Not all girls purposely try to make your life a living hell. That's just some girls.

When I said that I hated girls, I was very wrong. Do I love every single girl I meet? Well, no, I do not. I wish I were that loving. But, I do not hate all girls. In fact, I do not hate any girls. I just strongly dislike a select few. And I think that's okay, too. That is as long as you aren't mean to them. Because, honestly, you aren't going to see eye-to-eye with every person you meet in this world.

So, for those girls out there that claim to hate girls, you don't really. Society just tends to categorize all girls into one group, and we accept the generalization. But, we really shouldn't. Not all girls are the same; most are very different.

Girls can be great; in their own ways. You just have to give each girl a chance. Do not assume that because they are a girl they are overly-dramatic, cry-baby, because chances are they are not. You may even like them!

XO and best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin