From The Girl Who Can't Believe Summer Is Almost Over

It’s August…..what in the actual world is going on. Wasn’t it just the end of spring semester? Where has the time gone?

As we got closer and closer to the end of the spring I was making tons of plans to travel and visit with friends, and go out with my friends at every moment possible. All these plans and expectations, but here I am with the few weeks left of summer and only have done a fraction of what I’ve had planned.

So what exactly have I been doing all this summer if I haven’t tackled my summer plans? I’ve been having a summer to remember that went a little off track. Countless road trips, dance recitals, baseball tournaments, summer school, and the biggest one work, work and more work.

This summer I’ve tackled not one, not two but three jobs, along with taking summer classes. This summer has taught me how to balance life with work and school. Some days proved to be a challenge, but also helped me to realize that the work and effort needed is difficult, but the outcome is so worth it.

As I take in the final weeks of summer, I’m so grateful of everything that has happened. It’s most definitely been a great learning experience. It makes me so excited to return to school and tackle any struggles head on and play the balancing act which I enjoy so much.

So here’s to the last weeks of summer, the best weeks of the summer and may the Fall be even better.

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