From Epic to Hellenic: Part Three of Six

From Epic to Hellenic: Part Three of Six

Connecting Tradition with Heroism

This is part one of a six part article exploring the Classical traditions of heroism. My high school philosopher teacher once remarked that one can perceive perfection as a balance. With that in mind, consider the idea that perfection in a hero is found in the balance of masculinity and femininity.

Considering Homer as a single poet supports the belief that the Greek archetype of heroism must have some sort of divine interaction with it, which in turn influences the Roman archetype. Some think that Homer refers to a group of people while others prefer to think that Homer is one poet. Kullmann takes on the opinion that Homer is a singular person, a poet who could not write, but rather had someone write for him.

However, Kullmann explores one of the problems with that theory, which is the difference between the relationship of heroes and men in the two epic poems. Iliad prefers to depict the relationship between gods and men as one where the gods frequently intervene in the affairs of men.

On the battle field, Aphrodite swoops in to save precious Diomedes while grey-eyed Athena is depicted fighting on behalf of the Greeks. This interaction between gods and men reveals that the culture believed that gods had a role in their everyday life. Aeneas has interactions with Neptune, Venus, Juno, Aeolus, and Mercury, but they do not directly intervene to change fate, rather to derail it or hasten it. The interactions between god and men in the Iliad alters whether or not specific men die thus as a whole heroes are seen as mere playthings of the gods.

This idea portrays the Greeks as having an external locus of control rather than a Roman-like internal locus of control. Meanwhile over in the Odyssey, the gods take more of a hands off approach to their relationship with heroes. Interestingly enough, while the gods may be different, the heroes are quite similar.

This article explains that for all intents and purposes of the paper, Homer is a single person who originated both epics. Also, this article highlights the differences in the roles that the gods have in each epic by pointing out and analyzing instances such as Odysseus’s return to Ithaca. Odysseus’s homecoming, especially when one considers how Aeneas was able to make the same homecoming, demonstrates that the Vergil and therefore the Roman culture rely more on the actual man to do the work, not gods. Odysseus’s homecoming was not exactly grandeur, but he had the opportunity to be reunited with his family as a result of gods propelling him on his journey. This shows that there exists disconnect between Greeks and Romans. While the Greeks appraise the idea of receiving help from the gods and have fate on their side, the Roman interpretation of a hero is one who advances all the more boldly against them [misfortunes].

Livy's historical work includes mythology, containing the story of the Aeneid that backs up Vergil’s assertions about heroism. Book one is an account of the founding of Rome. The story is described as twofold. The first version being more similar to the Aeneid, where Aeneas and his men take over the Land of Latium and Romulus and Remus are suckled by Lupa. Then Romulus and Remus have a feud and Romulus kills Remus and starts Rome. This is the version that the Sybil said would come to past. The other version of the story is that the war never happened, a peaceful treaty occurred and that the founding of Rome was a different ordeal. History was thought of differently in Roman times than it is now.

Mythology was a bigger part of history. The importance of this work is that it backs up the Aeneid historically. Virgil's intent when writing was to not only show that the Romans were better than the Greeks, but to also prove that Aeneas is related to Augustus.

This connection achieves what Virgil intends to achieve, which is that Rome is more successful than Greece because the hero of Rome is greater than the heroes of Greece. The Iliad and Odyssey as the longest epics of their time did not have any work to be compared with. In fact, one of the first works translated into Latin from Greek was the Odyssey. The Aeneid’s purpose was to one up the Iliad and the Odyssey, which contributes to Vergil’s supercharged Homeric hero that even Livy supports with his historical account.

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To The Senior Graduating High School In A Month

"What feels like the end, is often the beginning."

It wasn’t too long ago that I was in your shoes. Just a little over a year ago, I was the senior that had a month left. One month left in the hometown that I grew up in. One month left with the friends that I didn’t want to leave. One month left in the place that I had called “my school” for the past four years. You are probably thinking the same things I thought whenever it came down to only 30 days left. You’re probably scared, nervous, worried, or anxious. Maybe you’re like me and are dying to get out of high school, ready to start a new chapter. Or maybe you aren’t so ready yet. Maybe you’re wishing for a little more time.

As scary as it is, this month you have left will fly by. You’ll blink and you’ll be standing in your cap and gown, waiting for your name to be called to receive your diploma. You’ll look back on your last four years at your school and wonder why time went by so fast. It’ll be bittersweet. However, trust me when I say that you have so much to look forward to. You are about to begin taking the steps to build your future. You are going to grow and learn so much more than any high school class could teach you. You are going to meet amazing people and accomplish amazing things. So, as scared as you might be, I encourage you to take that first step out of your comfort zone and face this world head on. Chase your dreams and work towards your goals. You are smart. You are brave. You are capable of achieving amazing things. All your life, the lessons you have learned have prepared you for this point in your life. You are more than ready.

There are times when you will feel alone, scared, or confused. There are times when it won’t always be easy. But those are the times when you will shine the most because I know you will work through whatever problems you may face. Don’t think of the bad times as a terrible thing. Use them all as learning experiences. As author Joshua Marine once said, “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

You might think that this is the end. However, it’s not. This is only the beginning. Trust me when I say that the adventures and opportunities you are about to face are nothing compared to high school. Whether you are going to college, going to work, or something else, this is the beginning of your journey called life. It will be exciting, it will be terrifying, but it will all be worth it.

So, as you walk out of your high school for the very last time, I encourage you to take a deep breath. Relax. You’ll always have the memories to look back on from high school. But your time is now, it begins today. Embrace it.

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Let's Talk More About Lori Laughlin Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison When Brock Turner Got 6 Months

And he was released three months early for 'good behavior'... after sexually assaulting an unconscious girl behind a dumpster.


To start, Lori Laughlin messed up royally, and I don't condone her actions.

If you live under a rock and are unaware of what happened to the "Full House" star, here's the tea:

Lori Laughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli — and like 50 other celebrity parents — were found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud, and paid a $1 million bail on conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and honest services fraud. You don't need to know what these mean except that she paid $500,000 to get her two daughters, Bella and Olivia Jade Giannulli.

I know you're wondering why they did it — tbh I am too — however, these parents paid the University of Southern California to give admission to her daughters in through the rowing team on campus, despite neither one of them actually playing the sport ever in their life.

Yeah, Aunt Becky messed up and should face punishment, but why is she facing up 20 years when men like Brock Turner are sentenced only six months for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at Stanford?

I hate to bring up the gender card, but I'm pulling it: Why is Lori Laughlin — a woman who with bad judgement who used money to give an upper-hand to her entitled daughters — face more prison time than a man who willingly raped a woman who wasn't in a right state of mine (or any at all!) behind a dumpster of all places.

The answer? Because the system is a mess.

Yeah, Aunt Becky paid for her daughters to get into a school, giving disadvantages to students actually deserving and wanting to attend a college. Her act was immoral, and ultimately selfish, but it doesn't even compare to what Brock Turner did, and it doesn't even effect others as much his rape survivor.

The most that will happen to the Giannulli girls is an expulsion and a temporary poor reputation, however, Emily Doe (the alias of the survivor) will feel the consequences of the attack forever.

There should have been a switch:

Lori Laughlin and the Target guy should have had to pay other students tuition/student debt while facing prison time, while Brock Turner should have had to face over 20 years with more consequences.

But, that'll never happen because our system sucks and society is rigged. I guess our society would prefer a rapist walking around more so a woman who made a poor choice by paying for her daughters to go to a college.

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