If you would have asked me 15 years ago who, out of my group of friends, would stand beside me on my wedding day, I would have told you with complete confidence. I now sit deeply contemplating who my true friends really are. It saddens me when I realize the plans I made fifteen years ago are in complete ruins because some of my best friends then are no longer my friends at all. Friendship is a forever-changing game, and it is so important that this forever-changing game is understood.

Losing a friend is not your fault. Do not blame yourself when a friendship is lost. Falling-outs happen. How the falling-out is handled is what can make or break the friendship.True friends will work together to overcome their falling-out. Friends that do not care deeply about the friendship will ignore the problems that need to be discussed. If a falling-out cannot be worked out, the friendship wasn’t meant to be.

People change. Going off to college, moving to a new town, or switching jobs can all be harmful to a friendship. Spending all that time apart from one another can be sure to make someone change. When a person changes so much that she isn't recognizable to you anymore, let go of the friendship and move on with your life.

New memories can and will be created. At times it feels like friendship is built on memories and no other friendship will be the same as that friendship built off a thousand memories. This is not the truth. New memories can be created every day. Just because you don’t have any memories with someone doesn’t mean you can’t be her friend. Once that friendship is formed, new memories will occur, and the old memories with the person who is so distant in your life will be nothing but a distant memory.

Friends should be positive people. If your friends are always dragging you down instead of picking you up, they probably aren’t meant to be your friends. A true friend is there to make you feel good about yourself. They are there to make you feel like the amazing individual you are. If your friend doesn’t make you feel this way, it’s time to get rid of them.

Although a small tear fills my eyes when I think of the best friends I once had, happiness settles in when I think of the true friends I currently have. Friendship will remain a forever- changing game, but true friends will always be there through the falling-outs, the memories, and the changing. Take ahold of these great people in your life, and realize they are there to stay. The friends who aren’t there to stay simply aren’t worth the trouble.