Why you should stay friends with fuckboys
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I'm Still Friends With The Guys Who Wronged Me And Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Be, Too

It might be way better than you think.

I'm Still Friends With The Guys Who Wronged Me And Here Are 10 Reasons You Should Be, Too

If you know me, then you know I have a pretty good track record when it comes to getting involved with the world's worst fuckboys. But you'd also know that I tend to stay friends with most of them. While it seems stupid to maintain friendships with people who have hurt you multiple times, here are 10 reasons why it's not the dumbest decision I've made in life.

1. You can be real as f*ck without any repercussions.

You know all those quirks or habits of theirs that bothered you just a little, but never enough to warrant a conversation? Well, now you can totally call them out on those because you have nothing to lose.

2. You get to watch them grow and ~maybe~ become better people.

This is the #1 reason I like to maintain contact with exes and old flings. Even after all the heartache and sh*tty lies and excuses, I want them to succeed and live out the dreams they shared with me. No, they didn't treat me the best. But I hold hope that one day they'll find someone they think is worth better treatment—someone they'd never want to hurt the way they hurt me.

3. They can be an extra set of ears if you need them.

Turns out fuckboys internalize a lot of what you say, especially during those deep, late night talks. So go ahead and complain about that sh*tty roommate again or talk about the next job interview that has you stressin'. Chances are, they'll be happy to listen.

4. They’ll take you out and pay for your food (finally).

They couldn't take you out on dates while you were hooking up because that's just too much commitment (or their girlfriend might find out) you know? But don't worry because they usually take you out once you stop sleeping together!

5. It’s not weird when you ask about their love life.

Now that you're not together, these conversations are totally not weird. Curiosity won't be mistaken for jealousy if you're friends.

6. You can always hook up with them again in the future.

Another huge bonus to staying friends, especially if you're too lazy to find someone new.

7. Nothing is awkward.

Like with any friends, you've probably seen each other at your worst. Therefore, nothing is really that awkward. Reply snap when you're on the toilet or obnoxiously burp during the next FaceTime (or ten). It doesn't matter because you've likely lived through the awkward stage together already.

8. There’s no need to try and impress them anymore.

Now that you're friends, they'll get to know every side of you, from 0 to 100 and every number in between (if they haven't already). But hey, there's no harm in stuntin' every once in a while to remind them what's good.

9. They’ll give their honest opinion about an outfit or Instagram post.

Yeah, your BFF will spit facts, but sometimes you just need a second opinion from a former FWB or ex-boyfriend, you know?

10. Their f*ckery is no longer your problem.

This is easily the best part about no longer being sexually or romantically involved with your fuckboys. You won't be a victim of their lies anymore, so sit back and relax because (hopefully) there won't be any more drama coming your way.

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