10 'Friends' Reactions That Explain Paying College Tuition

It is that time of the year again, probably the most dreadful part of the semester.

Tuition is due. I repeat: tuition is due.

Yes, it's the time when we want to pull our hair out; truly, this time can be even more stressful than finals week. It's the time when we question why we're in college, or who even thinks college kids can afford this. And by the way, what is all this money going towards? We contemplate sugar daddies, panhandling, and quite honestly, dropping out of college. Yep, tuition is due.

1. When you first take a look at the bill

No way that's possible...

2. Then you start wondering how in the hell they think you're going to be able to afford this

Me? Affording that?! Good joke! Who do they even think I am?

3. Running to your friends for moral support

More or less just to bitch and moan about how stupid FAFSA is and that you should have been saving money, but they "made" you go to the movies last week. You'll tell them that they're basically the reason you aren't saving money. Then, you'll find some place to go out to eat so you both can eat your feelings away.

4. When you start thinking about all the stupid shit you bought this year when you probably should've saved that money

That fore-mentioned friend. That's the reason. Maybe not, but never accept the blame.

5. What you think the FAFSA people think of you

Well guess what FAFSA peeps, we think of you the same way.

6. Looking at the bill again hoping it just magically went down

If I wait long enough, it'll just pay itself... right??

7. So you start contemplating that a sugar daddy is your only option

Okay, not really, but the thought has *sadly* crossed all of our minds.

8. You make the desperate call to your mom asking for help

But, but, but mom....

9. Then there's that evil war inside your brain right before you hit "submit payment"

No way I'm doing this bullshit. Ugh, but I have to. No, this money is not going to anything useful. But, I want to make money in the future. FINE.

10. You finally have the courage to hit the button and now you have to forget about the torture

Welp, that was a quick glimpse of hell.

But stay calm. This, too, shall pass. One day it will all be worth it. So go ahead, enjoy another semester full of ramen noodles and one-ply toilet paper. You'll survive.

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