August, you were not good to me. You brought me pain, sadness, and a feeling of insecurity in myself like I never experienced before.

But for all that, you also showed me just how loved I am. How many wonderful, supportive, and loving people are in my life. August, you showed me that love does not always mean romance and that sometimes the people who uplift us the most are our friends.

My friends have done nothing but support and uplift me this past month. Driving me to doctor's appointments. Bringing me ice cream when I'm sad. Calling just to check up on me. Allowing me space and time to open up, rather than prying. Letting me cry on their shoulders. Not telling me that things were fine, but that I'd heal, and I'd grow. Not letting me shut myself off.

This month and all of my experiences in the past few weeks have taught me so many wonderful lessons about life, love, and friendship. My ladies have been there for me at all hours with love, advice, and hugs. They've shown me a form of love that I realize I have needed for quite some time. They have been the most incredible support group, and they have already helped to pick up and mend the broken pieces. And maybe that sounds cliche, but they have given me so much in so little time. And I couldn't be more grateful for them, even if the circumstances that opened my eyes to just how loving and wonderful my friends are being completely life-changing.