Friends Characters: Ranked
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Friends Characters: Ranked

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Friends Characters: Ranked
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The popular NBC sitcom Friends has been the ultimate Netflix binge/late night comedy that everyone loves to watch. Not only does the comedy attract the likes of my parent's generation, but thanks to Netflix and synchronized showings today, a whole other generation can enjoy the hilarious show that brings warmth to all of its viewers. That being said, there is the age-old debate about who is the best character on the show. Whether it's family, friends, or the internet, no one can seem to agree on who is the best of the six and why. So here is my ranking of the the Friends characters.

*Disclaimer* I love all the characters so this was difficult to write.

6. Monica

I really hate to do this, especially because every single Facebook and Buzzfeed quiz I have ever taken tells me that I am Monica. Okay, so here's why Monica is ranked 6th; she is super annoying and anal about everything. Like I get it, she's the mom of the group, she's the neat freak, cook, blah blah blah, but that doesn't give her free reign to completely dictate everything about the friend group. Sorry Monica fans, but I could do without.

5. Rachel

Rachel is perhaps the most iconic character on the show, not only for her hairstyle that dominated the 90s, but also because she is portrayed by the living goddess, Jennifer Aniston. But if she wasn't so freaking beautiful, she would probably be pretty hated. I mean let's face it, she's wicked selfish and simply not that great of a friend. I mean she didn't even invite Monica, her supposed "best friend" from childhood to her own wedding! Not only that, but when Monica and Chandler get engaged, Rachel throws a completely unnecessary hissy fit. Even though she claims she's not jealous, we all know she is. And don't even get me started on the whole Ross and Rachel mess... Ms. Greene needs an attitude adjustment if you ask me.

4. Ross

Personally, I think Ross is the best character on the show. He is extremely nerdy and smart, and while he's a huge pain in the ass, I still love him. Many fans can't say the same, my dad can't even watch the show because he hates Ross so much. The reason Ross is ranked fourth is because although he is a true soul at heart; like that time he went to prom with Rachel when her date ditches or how he is in love with that monkey Marcel, he's actually the worst. Reason 1. he has a mental breakdown because someone ate his dude really... figure it out. And 2. he gets married about ten times and continually messes it up. "I, Ross, take thee Rachel". Come on! Emily is literally standing right in front of you. He might have a PhD but he definitely needs some education in social skills.

3. Chandler

Chandler rocks. He serves as one of the wittiest and funniest characters on the show, and is also super relatable. Chandler may be a very insecure guy, and clearly not successful in the lady department, but he is very lovable for all his faults and he always finds himself in the most uncomfortable situations; like any time Janice is around, or any time he's at work (what exactly does he do though??) But overall, he never fails to make a bad joke. Not to mention making Monica a little less unbearable!

2. Phoebe

Phoebe is the epitome of a modern day, carefree flower child. Whether she is singing about smelly cats or massaging a client, she is a free spirit. Like Chandler, Phoebe can be known for her hilarious one-liners. She also does whatever she wants whenever she feels like it which is really awesome. I also feel bad for her because her family totally sucks (like that bitch Ursula), and I feel like Rachel and Monica leave her out a lot. Regardless, Phoebe is always there for any of the members of the squad and her random and hilarious antics make any viewer love her and her eccentric personality.

1. Joey

Obviously, Joey is number one! Joey is a struggling actor with a classic Italian-New York accent (How you doin'?). Joey is easily the dumbest of the six, but also the nicest. He is always down for a hearty meal and a beer, and he never fails to be there for any of the squad. His lack of common sense and knowledge adds to a lot of the show's laughs, like the time where he is trying to learn French and just can't or when he wants his stage name to be Joe Stalin... He also adds to a lot of the "awww" moments of the show like when he wants Rachel to move in with him and shows her that he can help raise the baby. Or how he takes care of Chick and Duck. Joey is the ultimate best friend and OG bachelor. Friends would not be the same if it weren't for Joey Tribianni!

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