Perks Of Living With Friends
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Perks Of Living With Friends

A few of the many benefits of having your friends as roommates.

Perks Of Living With Friends
Mel Szyperski

Since I started my junior year at Loras College I have been living in a campus apartment with three of my friends. I believe that living with my best friends has been why I have had such a positive experience at school. Living with friends is awesome because you are able to share and have access to each others stuff, they are always around to help you, and it is just plain fun to be with your friends all the time.

Some of the reasons it is so awesome to live with your friends are about sharing and access. When you live with your friends it is more of a community. You can have your doors open. If you live with acquaintances you may want your privacy, but when you live with your friends they already know your deep dark secrets so there is nothing to hide. If they are your friends you probably have no shame about being around them in fewer clothes. For example, if you forget to bring a towel to the bathroom you do not have to worry about scarring your roommate when you run back to your room naked because chances are you have already had underwear fashion shows with them already. It is pretty great to get home after a long day of classes and just take your pants and bra off. When you live with your friends, they do not judge you for this. As I far as sharing goes, most good friends share stuff. My friends and I share our food, beauty products, supplies, jewelry, and, occasionally, clothes. When you live with those friends you always have access to those things and what girl doesn't want more of those items.

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When you live with friends you always have someone there who is willing to help you. When you have that last minute creative writing paper that you forgot about and need all the ideas you can get having friends that live with you is a huge help. And since they are your friend they will help you because being supportive and helping you is their job. Friends are there to motivate you. When you are in that slump and need the extra push to work out, your roommate/friend is there to help you. Plus chances are they need to workout too, so you guys can stay in and work out together right in your apartment. Maybe you are so far deep into that slump that you just need to get out of the apartment. When your roommate is your friend they will tell you to get off your ass (In a loving way) and do something. Every time this happens something fun is about to happen and you'll be glad they made you get out of the house because you had a blast when you went out. If that slump started due to a breakup, your friends know just the right weapon to use to get you moving: chocolate. Not only are friends motivating, but they are also the best therapists. And when they live with you, you constantly have someone there to listen to you rant about your ex-lover. Sometimes these rants turn into group therapy sessions, which are usually followed by some fun activity. If something goes seriously wrong, and your friends live with you, they can tell without you saying something. You do not have to ask for the shoulder to cry on, it is always there.

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Even though your friends are there for you to get through those tough times, hopefully, the majority of your time with your friend/roommates is spent having fun. I know for me it is. We are always cracking jokes, messing around, and enjoying living with awesome people. When you live with your friends there is always loud singing, terrible dancing, and intense game nights. I'm sure our neighbors get tired of hearing us sing "Closer" by The Chainsmokers and Halsey. I'm sure the apartment below us wonders who let the elephants live above them when we do a Samba Line Dance to "Fireball" by Pitbull. And I know that they hate when we play Cards Against Humanity, because there is always crazy, loud laughter coming from our apartment. But we do not care because it's always a party when your roommates are your friends and we would not have it any other way.

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