As if going away to college isn't scary enough, choosing a roommate to live with is even scarier. We all hear the horror stories of not getting along with your roommate. We tend to worry and hope that it doesn't happen to us and that our roommate is not some creepy killer. Some of us are lucky to instantly click with our roommates and know that we want to spend the rest of the year with them.

Unfortunately, for others including myself, our first roommates weren't ones we could live with. Luckily, colleges may offer to switch roommates. In doing so I have found the perfect roommate. Thankfully, not only is she my roommate now but she is also my best friend. Here is how you know your roommate is your best friend.

1. You're ALWAYS together.

No matter what, you guys are always together - unless it's time to go to class. Whether it's walking on campus or going to the library, you plan to go with each other every time. You never have to eat alone in the cafeteria anymore because you have each other. At parties, you make sure to not let the other out of your sight. You can practically say you guys are handcuffed together.

2. You have your own secret language.

You can communicate without even saying a word to each other. Sometimes you guys can give each other a certain look and just automatically know what the other is thinking. It is something only you two will understand and it will leave everyone around you clueless. You even sometimes make up your own slang and only you guys will know what the word means.

3. There are no secrets between the two of you.

There is nothing you guys don't know about each other. You know each other like the back of your own hand. You tell one another everything that happens, from the tiniest to the biggest things. Especially since college is so stressful as is, they are your go-to person to talk to. You guys are practically an open book to one another.

4. They are always there to motivate you.

With college comes along all the stress and tears. You wake up to that alarm clock going off wondering "Do I really need this degree?" Luckily, your roommate is right there to make sure you get off your lazy butt and head to class. Stressing over tests will be less painful because you have them to quiz you and make sure you're well prepared. It's kinda like having a positive fortune from a fortune cookie every single day.

5. Their sleep schedule will mimic yours.

You never have to worry about being the only one who can't seem to fall asleep at night. Living together will make you guys pick up some habits from one another and, well, your sleep schedules will sync up eventually. So on those nights it's already 2 a.m. and you can't sleep at all, you have your roommate right there to talk to. Just make sure to not keep the other up if they have an important exam the next day!

6. You miss them when you're apart for too long.

Whether it's an hour, a day, weeks or months that go by, you miss them dearly. You think about what they are doing since they aren't with you. Summer and winter vacation will seem like hell because all you want to do is be back with your roommate. This is how you truly know your roommate is your best friend: when you can't go without seeing them for too long.

Getting along with your roommate is probably everyone's top concern when heading into college. However, if you're lucky enough, your roommate will also become your best friend. The one person you can do anything with and be yourself around. They will be there to cheer you up and motivate you, just as much as they are being silly with you. Most importantly, they are your first friend you will have when moving into college.