The other night I was sitting with my friend in her adorable little blue and white dorm room chatting about our friendship and how lucky we are to have found each other this semester. She mentioned she was scrolling through her newsfeed on Twitter and a little picture popped up:

She then proceeded to tell me she was thankful for us because our friendship reminded her that ALL friendships should feel like this. I was really touched, and I truly felt the same way for the first time in a long time. Later that night I was thinking; she's so right, there's so much chaos in this life we cannot control, but we can control who we spend our time with.

I began thinking about all my relationships, past and present, and really began to reflect upon if each person deserves to hold a place in my personal life and what I've come to is, no. I've expended so much time and effort into relationships which are one-sided, negative, or simply just disintegrating. There's this idea of sticking by people when times get tough, and I think sometimes we confuse this ideal with sticking with people who make things tough. I'm not pointing fingers, these types of things happen and most of the time it's no one's fault, really. Some relationships are just not beneficial for both parties, sometimes people's paths cross and then divide. It is very rare a negative friendship is due to a bad person, mostly it's because there's a lack of values shared. I'm not even talking right and wrong, simply the way people act, their tone, their body language, etc. doesn't mesh with yours. It's incredible to believe but this alone can cause friction. I think it's difficult for both parties to admit some people are just not a good fit for each other because it takes reflection on yourself too. It's easy to point fingers and blame things on others, but in reality accepting all things are not meant to work out is the most difficult thing a person can do.

It's a realization of knowing that the only person you owe anything to is yourself because when you begin to carry only positive relationships it becomes so much easier to give it back to the people who surround you. I think it's time we start reflecting on our friendships and seeing if they are contributing positivity to your life and if not it's okay to let people go and it doesn't make you a bad person.