Every female group of friends has their go-to person for certain things. It's important to know where you fit in your circle of friends because stepping out of your place could disrupt the balance of the group and social chaos could ensue. One must figure out where they belong or as I like to call it— k

now their friend role— in order for the group dynamic to remain in tact.

In case you're wondering which one you are in your group of friends check out the list below to see where you best fit.

The Fighter

This particular friend fights with everyone: the bouncer at the club, waiter at the restaurant, her boyfriend. It doesn't matter, where ever she goes a fight is sure to follow. Her short temper often puts a damper on your outings but make no mistake, she's the one you'd definitely want to have your back if anything was to pop off. She got them hands yo. If anyone was to try to start any type of mess with you and your clique they'd "catch a fade" real quick.

The Planner
This person is in charge of planning all group outings, activities and trips. The planner can sometimes take on the role as "hostess with the mostess," (yes Heather I'm talking to you on this one,) because often she will host gatherings and parties at her place. She is usually the most organized out of everyone. She's great at scheduling and communication but may also be— as is the case in my group of friends— a 'type A' nut job. Which means she's bossy and a tad bit on the controlling side but it's okay, you love her anyways and when it's time to get everyone together, she's the one to call. This also happens to be my role amongst my group of friends, which I accept wholeheartedly. Shout out to all the type A nut jobs like myself getting shit done!

The Diva

She oozes confidence and she is always dressed to the nines (even if it is just a simple night of bowling.) Every one is always waiting on her because she's still at home putting together the perfect outfit that will slay for the Gods honey.
But according to her, she's never late because "a diva is always on time," (fyi to my friend Ter'Lisa, this is where you'd come in.) She takes hundreds of selfies and is the resident paparazzi of the group Her poise and self-assurance is infectious, which is why she's the perfect friend to call when you're having body issues (which every woman has,) and need a little reassurance.

The Mom
The caretaker of the group. If you're out somewhere, she is the one that makes sure everyone gets home safely. She is always on the lookout for danger and is always prepared for anything. She is your "in case of emergencies" person. You name it she's got it: Kleenex, hand sanitizer, bobby pins, mints, a sewing kit; whatever you may need, she comes fully equipped with.

The Turn-up Queen
Better known as the life of the party. Not really an explanation needed for what she's best known for. Basically if you want to have a good time, she's the one to call (Heeeeyyy Kiasi.) But be careful around this one though because sometimes she can get a little too turnt up.

The Kid Sister
Usually she's the youngest and slightly naive. Her bubbly personality and childlike wonder is what makes her seem like she's everyone's lil' sis. She often seeks out the group for life advice and when you go out, she's the one that the mom of the group has her eye on the most because "she's most likely to get kidnapped."

The Laid Back One

So chill and easygoing. She goes with the flow and is down for whatever. She could be just as happy having a night in with the girls as she would be twerking in a club (Sally this is where you'd fit.) She just wants to enjoy the company.

The Shy One
Not one for introducing herself to strangers, she's the quiet one of the group. When decisions are made, her opinion tends to get overlooked because she's too timid to speak up.

By the way, if you're the shy one in your group don't be afraid to speak up. These are your friends and if you can't let loose and be comfortable around them, then who can you? Step out of your comfort zone every now and then and let your voice be heard. Your opinion matters too.

The Emotional One

Not to be confused with the bi-polar one. She's extremely sensitive and is known for overreacting to things. You'll always know what she's feeling because she wears her heart on her sleeves. On the contrary though, the emotional one can also be an excellent source of support when you just need to vent because she's also a good listener.

The Goofy One

She's the comic relief of the group. Always down to do or say anything as long as it produces a good laugh. She doesn't take herself too seriously and can always put a smile on your face. Sometimes she and the turn-up queen tag team it, especially through those rough patches life hits you with from time to time. When life gives you lemons the two of them will simply just add vodka to it. This girl is a ball of laughs and no friend circle is complete without her.

Every girl is unique and each role is important to maintaining the balance. Don't shy away from the part you play within your circle of friends. Accept your role and wear it proudly.

*Photos courtesy of Pexels.com