An Open Letter To The Friend I Never Expected

Dear friend that came into my life randomly and unexpectedly,

It was just a regular day and I didn't really know who you were, but I knew that we were going to work together. I honestly never hang out with anyone at work besides when we are working. So I wasn't going out of my way to make conversations it would just happen. I showed you around, and from the very beginning, we clicked.

We made cheesy jokes about family, boys, and food. From the moment we've met I don't think that there has been a quiet minute. We update each other every time we get a text from our love interest or if we are frustrated about a situation.

We only worked together one day a week, but on our Wednesdays, we would always go get coffee and talk for hours. After we realized that wasn't enough time, we started working out together. This became a daily affair (on our good weeks.)

In such a short period of time, we went from our Wednesday coffee dates to being together pretty much 24/7. Now, this sounds a little much because it is, but is what you don't realize is that before we became friends I was such a boring person. I went to work, drove home, and did homework.

I didn't have any interest in making friends or being social in any way-now if you know me I'm a very awkward person. You have made me realize that no matter how much I thought I knew what I wanted in life, I really knew nothing. You've helped me to get out of my comfort zone and enjoy life for the little things.

My favorite part about being friends with you isn't the constant realizations over huge life choices-while those are nice too. I love the fact that we can hang out every day without getting annoyed of each other, or that you can tell me something without sugar-coating the situation, and whenever we make time out of our day to better ourselves.

I am so thankful that you delegate time out of your day for me and help me be the best version of myself. I hope that in 30 years we will look back on how our friendship started and just laugh together.

I now realize that sometime's God will put people in our lives that are meant when we most need them, but least expect them.

You're stuck with me for life now

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