Your Squad, As told by the housewives of New York

Every Member Of Your Squad, As Told By 'The Real Housewives Of New York'

Your friend group can act like a reality show in which each eclectic personality is represented by a television persona.

A friend group is an eclectic mix of personalities that work together to orchestrate an endurable bond. The diverse plethora of special occasions, rites of passages and subsequent disagreements illustrate the magnetism of friendship, which can make for great entertainment.

Your friend group can act like a reality show in which each eclectic personality is represented by a television persona. Take a look at six of the Real Housewives of New York and see where you fall in line.

1. Carole Radziwill - The Silent Killer 


You appear to be laid-back and easygoing with the peculiar ability to deflect petty drama and miscellaneous gossipers. However, once someone crosses you- friend, foe or stranger- your claws come out. Your self-confidence is sturdier than a stone castle, which is probably the reason why you have very little social upheavals.

2. Bethenny Frankel - The Aggressor 


You're blunt, honest and can be quite sharp when it comes to conflict. Who can blame you? You tell it like it is, regardless of the personal feelings you might have stepped on. You consistently run into problems with your friends, but they are very much aware that you'll stick up for them when a crisis occurs.

3. Luann de Lesseps - The Socialite 


You pride yourself on your poise, elegance and classy manner in which you handle problems. Pretentious? Maybe to your disapproving onlookers but they probably don't understand your level of cultured intellect. You dodge conflicts like an artistic dancer in a complicated ballet.

4. Dorinda Medley - The Wine Mom


You are the homemaker of your group. You love hosting parties and planning get-togethers; you despise absurd conflicts and try to keep the peace within your inner circle. You also love a drink or two, with a whole new personality that springs from the glass of a sparkling wine or spicy martini. You might be called a "mean drunk" but that's just a rumor.

5. Sonja Morgan - The Party Girl


Sure, everyone likes to drink, but you're the one who takes it to a whole new level. You have a busy romantic life as well, with a bundle of lovers waiting for your call. You're ambitious and have several interests in a variety of different careers. Your friends might say you're "flighty" but you're just worldly.

6. Ramona Singer - The Shit Stirrer 


You adore the drama, the arguments, and the bitter feuds. You spill tea on the regular and engage in daily gossip sessions. Unless your drama ends up on your plate, you consider yourself a good buddy that is reliable and fiercely loyal. You also have Page Six on speed dial.

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