Don't you hate going out with your loud, outgoing, sometimes obnoxious, often wildly free-spirited friend? The one that doesn't pay attention to any of the social norms, has no problem walking up to the guy at the club telling him that you (yes, you, shy friend) want to dance with him, or the one that is peeing outside the club just ten feet away from the bouncers. The ones that just stick a fork in your birthday cake to grab a bite. That wear their girlfriend's glasses because they can't find their own.

They have no problem being themselves, whatever that they mean, even if it sometimes does seem... unconventional. They usually are just living in the moment, living in their present and doing what seems right to them. Sometimes you might even catch yourself admiring how genuine they are to themselves. It's not hard to notice when they are around, as they are ever living for the moment.

1. They go hard no matter where you are.

It doesn't matter if you're at your little brother's baseball game or at the pep rally, they will be crazy, make a scene and bring as much attention to you as possible. It could be the most boring game in the world, but you know you will have a good time when they are there. Or an embarrassing time if this person is your mom.

2. Their reactions are always authentic.

The good thing is you know that they're always honest. They'd never try to impress you and you know that their reaction is always the real thing since they can't lie for the life of them. They might overreact sometimes, but it's with good intention.

3. They make the best coworkers.

Work is always entertaining if you have a personality like this there, as they'll be blunt and upfront about whatever they're thinking, which is usually hilarious. You know that they'll always keep it real with you.

4. They feel no need to answer to anyone.

If you ask them questions about their personal life, proceed with caution since you will most likely not get a straight answer and they will respond with something vague. If they are doing well you'll probably know it, but if they aren't, they are masters of entertainment and therefore changing the subject.

5. It's always the little things that excite them.

You could be at the mall shopping and a headband could be $4 instead of $8 and they'll get excited about it. It could be that class ended at 6:58 instead of 7:00 and they can find gratitude in that.

6. They can make any situation awkward.

Because they can just be themselves so well with no cares, they have no issue intervening in situations that they really could be minding their business about. They will photobomb, prank and be silly at any appropriate, or inappropriate, time.

These friends are people to be grateful for. They make you feel more comfortable being yourself, too, which is always a blessing in this superficial, surface level society.