I'm typing this after baking cookies at my upperclassmen friend's dope off-campus apartment. Need I go on?

Anyways, I'm a freshman who has the best upperclassmen friends ever. I meet them completely by chance, and they are some of the coolest, nicest, and most mature people I've met in college.

I realized that I'm so lucky to have them, and every freshman should try to find their own.

Scroll down for 7 reasons why:

1. Trust me, they have all the tea on your school.


There are so many things you just don't know about your school until you've lived there for a while. Your upperclassmen friends have, and knowing them can keep you in the loop.

2. Chances are, they live off-campus.


This is a MAJOR plus. Dorms are great and all, but it's so nice to just go hang out in a real apartment with your dope upperclassmen friends.

3. Like your parents but way, wayyyy better.


They will always watch out for you at parties and make sure you're safe. I have an upperclassmen friend that always makes sure I text her when I get home.

Your freshman friends are not going to do that, trust me.

4. They know about all the parties and can get you in.


If you're a freshman, chances are you don't know where the best places to be are, and where you should avoid. Having older and wiser friends that can take you fun places is essential.

5. They have so much amazing advice for you.


Seriously, they know so much.

From which professors to pick, to advice about jobs and boys.. Chances are, if you have a question your upperclassmen knows the answer.

6. You already have a group to do things with.


In college, it's essential to have multiple groups of friends, so you've always got someone to hang with. Having upperclassmen friends who probably have their own friend groups opens up your network exponentially. Plus, they're all way cooler than your freshman peers.

7. You get to be 'that' freshman with the cool upperclassmen friends.


It's definitely cool to walk into places with people older and more experienced than you and introduce your freshman friends to these sophisticated older beans. They will be so impressed. I love my upperclassmen friends so much, and I am so glad I met them! You should get some!