To My Freshman-Year Roommate
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To My Freshman-Year Roommate

Here's to nights turned to mornings, and friend turned to family.

To My Freshman-Year Roommate
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Dear Roomie,

This year has been one for the books (literally, because as freshmen, we did not understand that we probably didn't need those books we bought)! So many things have changed and so many things have been learned. I can’t believe we are finishing our first year of college, and let me just say I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else!

Coming into this whole college living situation, I really did not know what to expect. I had never shared a room with anyone, I didn’t know how this was going to work and change is really hard for me. Was I going to get on your nerves? Were you going to get on mine? Would one of us be messy and constantly annoy the other with the mess? What about snoring? I had no clue!

But thankfully, all my worrying was for nothing. Living with you has been a blast, to say the least. Turns out we are both messy and can stand each other’s mess. It also turns out that snoring was the least of our problems when it came to annoying noises (if you know, you know). I could not have been blessed with a more awesome roommate!

So because of your awesomeness, I would like to thank you for some things …

Thank you for the laughs! After a long day of tests, quizzes, and broken printers, your laughter and smile always made it better! Laughing over incredibly accurate Facebook articles, videos of cute animals, and just life, in general, became the highlights of my days.

Thank you for listening to my rants about people, guys, and life! These went on for days so I apologize and just want to say you're the best for putting up with that.

Thank you for always being a constant support. I seriously wouldn’t have made it without our long life talks. Our deep conversations were a complete switch from our normal goofing around but they were spot on! Also thank you for encouraging me to try new things and join clubs that I was too scared to try on my own!

Thank you for the random runs to Walmart that somehow turned into getting cereal, chocolate, and/or chicken. Thank you for allowing me to eat my feelings and for joining me in those moments of weakness. Then, after all, the feelings (and food) were gone, thank you for being my workout buddy! We killed those partner ab exercises! The whole gym was jealous, I swear.

Thank you for letting me be myself. I never had to pretend to be someone else around you. You completely accepted me for you I was, and I cannot thank you enough for that

Thank you for all the amazing memories! From tackling our first day of classes and learning how not to look like a freshman, to taking finals and moving out of our dorm; you have been the best, and I could not have asked for a better roomie!

So here's to late night laughs, boxes of cereal, "Hannah Montana" jams, cactus plants, and a perfect freshman year.

-- Your Roomie

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