Fresh Start Learning And Their Contribution To Victims Of Human Trafficking

Another organization that my team was able to get in contact with was Fresh Start Learning Inc. We talked to Nancy Yarbrough who is the Executive Director of Fresh Start Learning Inc which is a non-profit organization.

Fresh Start focuses on a lot of different things but for the past few years, they have been channelling a lot of focus to outreach and advocacy for victims of human trafficking and other issues.

From Nancy, we learned that they help people of all kinds. There is no specific race or gender that is victimized more than others. Everyone can be part of the victims.

Nancy shared two stories with us. One of a girl that called her, and her own story as well.

A lady called Nancy one day because another girl from the street had a cut on her arm and it needed medical attention but they didn't have anyone other than Nancy that could help. Nancy left work and went and found the girls on the street. The girl with the cut had it wrapped in a dirty tissue and it was kept on with a pony tail holder. The cut was infected. Nancy took the girl to the hospital where she was cared for. If Nancy hadn't gotten the call and helped the girl, it could have been much worse. The girl may not have lived due to the fact that she had a 104 degree temperature when she arrived at the the hospital.

The other story Nancy shared was her own. Due to events that happened earlier in her life, she was more vulnerable to becoming a victim of human trafficking. She was groomed by her pimp (meaning he treated her well so she didn't necessarily think she was doing anything wrong). However, she was saved by a lady and driven back home from the truck stop one day and she eventually turned her life around.

This experience is what drives Nancy to do what she does. She does not fear for her life because God brought her out of that life to put her back into it in a different way; to help other people come out of it just as she did.

To learn more about Fresh Start Learning, check out their website!

Also, feel free to look at Part One and Part Two of our interview with Nancy!

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