10 Of The Cutest French Bulldogs On Instagram

10 Of The Cutest French Bulldogs On Instagram That You Need To Follow Before You Follow Any Celebrity

I may be a little biased towards french bulldogs considering I have one, but I personally think they are the cutest and funniest dogs!

French Bulldogs have been becoming more popular, especially in the past year or so. I feel like I seem them everywhere now! They are owned by celebrities, appear on TV shows and are all over clothes. It's no surprise these dogs are everywhere, their cute smushed faces melt my heart.

Here are 10 of the cutest French bulldogs on Instagram right now!

1. Pardon Thy French (@pardonthyfrench)

Pardon Thy French, also known as Bethanee Hamilton is a "tripod" frenchie and a cancer survivor. This sweet rescue pup, makes the funniest noises and is always snoozing!

2. Leauxla (@leauxla)

Leauxla is the French bulldog of Rebecca Robertson, and she is so photogenic! How could you not want to share some of your coffee with her?

3. Bruce The French Bully (@brucethefrenchbully)

Bruce is one of the snuggliest French bulldogs on Instagram! You can always catch him rocking a hoodie or taking a nap in his bed.

4. Theo and Cato (@thebonaparte)

These two pups have the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed and they are just so cute! Theo and Cato love to be snuggled up in blankets by the fire or chill out in the sun!

5. Walter (@waltergoodboy)

Walter loves sticking his tongue out for the camera, so much so that he is almost never seen with his tongue in his mouth! He's still a good boy though!

6. Hudson The French Bully (@huddytatertot)

Hudson is no stranger to the nap lifestyle! In fact, his Instagram bio even says he is a professional sleeper. If only that were a real career choice!

7. Piggy & Polly (@piggyandpolly)

Piggy and Polly give off some serious girl power vibes! These two precious ladies have a beautiful Instagram feed with high-quality photos and some serious sass!

8. Trappy S. Goyard (trappygoyard)

Trappy, aka 2 Chainz's Frech Bulldog, is the coolest frenchie to ever live. He is always hanging out with 2 Chainz and even guest stars on GQ's "Most Expensivest". Talk about bougie!

9. Princess Blue The Frenchie (@myfrenchienamedblue)

Blue is the French bulldog of YouTuber Adelaine Morin and was named for her beautiful blue coat!

10. Walter Geoffrey (@waltergeoffreythefrenchie)

This list would be incomplete without Walter Geoffrey. He is arguably one of the most well-known Instagram dogs, mainly for his "singing" and all around sass! If you love to laugh at silly dogs, you have to follow Walter Geoffrey.

Although there are many adorable French bulldogs out there, these 10 have some of the most entertaining and cutest Instagrams! Be sure to check them out - who knows, you may end up with one yourself!

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