Freight Courier vs. Regular Courier services
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Freight Courier vs. Regular Courier services

The heart of product delivery lies in the shipment process, such as freight courier and regular courier services. Choosing the appropriate shipment method can sometimes mean the difference between making money, breaking even, or losing money.

Freight Courier vs. Regular Courier services

The heart of product delivery lies in the shipment process, such as freight courier and regular courier services. Choosing the appropriate shipment method can sometimes mean the difference between making money, breaking even, or losing money. Empirical evidence shows that up to 45% of companies end up making a profit out of the shipping fees they receive! These seemingly simple business choices thus become all the more pivotal.

Freight courier companies and normal courier services each enable the shipment of products globally. Though their services may seem similar, their processes and function are not the same. While weighing your options, the premier distinction that comes to mind is individual v/s inventory. Regular courier service is the way to go if you wish to ship your products to individual customers. However, large products, sometimes heavy, need to be routed uniquely using Freight courier services. The difference between courier and freight services seems plain sailing but understanding their underlying aspects may be the break you need.

Freight Forwarding:

Freight forwarding companies play the middleman between the seller and the transportation company. This essentially means that they transfer the products to a local transportation company, and then the company, in turn, acts as the final delivery person. Freight courier delivery companies facilitate the movement of products across the globe instead of single point-to-point delivery. Most freight companies work with several carriers and local agents to increase their shipping capabilities. Along with this find the most economical, reliable, and fastest shipping route. Thus, eight times out of 10, they are the cheapest option available. Additional freight forwarder services may include preparing for imports and exports and related legal issues, customs clearance, warehousing, and billing accounts. Freight forwarders are more likely to give volume discounts and keep your packages together without breaking them up. However, a few downsides to freight courier service companies are more extended shipment periods and difficulty in shipment tracking.

Freight forwarders are essential if your shipment is over 150 pounds or 68 Kgs. Shipments via freight take longer than normal courier services because they deal with and in bulk. Freight shipping through takes on different forms like facilitation through:

  1. Air forwarding

Freight shipment via air involves enabling and arranging freight transport from one destination to another via cargo airplanes. Furthermore, air forwarding does not take an arduous amount of time. It is the fastest possible way to transport freight, especially internationally. Contrary to popular, infamous belief, it isn't as expensive either.

  1. Land Forwarding

Land freight service forwarders are ideal for bulk projects that require both side transportation of lots of items. For example, large-scale construction projects usually hire land forwarders to safely transfer tools, raw materials, and other stuff. For those shipping their item by truck, there will be simultaneous use of 2 terms, LTL and FTL. An FTL shipment is a "full truckload." While LTL shipment means it is "less than a truckload."

  1. Ocean Forwarding

Freight Shipment via ocean includes the usage of cargo ships to deliver products. Companies give precedence to ocean forwarding over air and land freight forwarders because this accommodates a higher quantity of goods at a relatively affordable, cost-effective rate.

Some salient benefits of Freight courier services forwarding are:

  • Efficient Inventory Management: A freight company does not divide bulk orders and ensures proper inventory documentation so shipped. This helps in the efficient management of inventory products.
  • Protection and Expansion of Business: A hassle-free, low-cost shipment method helps the business easily branch out to several places. The saved shipment costs can be re-invested in the industry to facilitate growth.
  • Cost-effective: Import and Export on a regular basis with local agents give them the ability to offer discounts and an edge to give their clients good prices for their cargos. This helps you to reduce cost and save money.

Courier Services:

Regular courier services are linked with individual customers and are likely to be involved in all delivery processes, even when freight is questioned. Unlike freight providers, courier services invest capital/money solely in developing their transportation and infrastructure. They use their logistics solutions (including vehicles, employees, etc.) to deliver packages to individual addresses. They facilitate rapid door-to-door shipping. In contrast to freight companies, standard/regular courier services allow same-day local delivery and faster international shipments.

Courier services deliver the items frequently, which means rushed delivery and on-demand deliveries are possible. Equate courier shipping with standard parcel shipping. It usually accommodates relatively small shipments weighing 100-150 pounds or less (45-68 Kgs). Package girth and length, among other things, are also pre-determined in most cases. Courier services don't necessarily wait for their shipping containers to get full; they solely prioritize clients' needs.

Standard courier services also offer a systematic, organized logical sequence of command and clear carrying processes, which facilitates easy tracking of your order with real-time monitoring, allowing you to track the exact location of your package. What also makes courier services more unique is they provide a portal for interaction. Courier services entertain customer grievances and have specialized cells for them. They accept expedited orders and special shipment needs too. A service that offers its users bespoke services and additional accessibility is one they're likely to build a relationship with.

Salient benefits of option for regular courier services:

  • Speed Up Delivery: With facilities like one-day delivery, regular courier services offer efficient and fast shipment services. They further add to customer satisfaction and further benefit the intangible business image.
  • Delegation of Risks and liabilities: A courier company handles the parcels it receives professionally and with utmost. These services usually employ fragile services. This also means that these services are willing to bear the liability and provide compensation if the product has been damaged or tampered with during the delivery process.
  • Customized Scheduling: The option of customized scheduling is unique to courier services. These scheduling specializations include mid-night delivery or delivery within the client demanded time slot.


Considering all factors, including size, weight, and final location of the package, you can arrive by selecting your preferred shipping method- freight courier or regular courier. Finding the right fit will reap benefits in the long term!

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