As a college student, balancing a full time job and class can be tricky when it comes to scheduling, but i have a #LifeHack for all of you. Its one word: Freelance. Freelance work comes in all shapes in sizes, from one time projects to full time jobs, but it allows you to work remote for a company using skills you have that they need. I've mangaed to work 35 hours a week on top of 18 credit hours and extra curriculars with the help of freelance work. Talk about experience with low commitment. If you need more convincing, here are a few more reasons to work freelance.

1. What dresscode?

You can stay in your pjs all day if you want

2. Your office is wherever you want it to be

Where do I want to work today? My bed? The kitchen floor? Coffee shop or Panera? The world is my oyster

3. You have complete control of your meal breaks

Lunch with Jenny? For sure. Just let me whip something up before I leave.

4. There is no "office etiquette" 

And no one tells me I can't blast my music while responding to countless emails

5. Schedule Flexibility

Creating your hours (for the most part) is a lifesaver

6. You're on your own in the best ways

No weird looks for dance parties as brain breaks like you'd get in your cubicle

7. Working at your own pace

You have a lot more freedom to work at your own pace, which includes brain breaks, creative retreats, or slamming and cramming at the last minute

8. Working at any time of the day

Energy bursts at 1 am mean logging hours and more money for brunch the next morning

9. You can be incognito and on the clock at the same time

Emails are your best friend, especially when it means updating from your temporary office

10. Flexibility to work multiple projects or jobs at a time

Part of the perks of freelance is that you can work multiple jobs without the hassle of having to iron out so many schedules. If you need extra cash, pick up another project to cover rent.