Within the past year, two biopics have been released about two iconic rock and roll superstars, Freddie Mercury and Elton John. While not everything is completely accurate in each film, a lot of information was revealed that shows how Elton and Freddie had similar experiences in life when it came to their name, family, career, and sexuality.

1. They both changed their names.

Farrokh Bulsara received the nickname Freddie by his teachers and classmates. His parents eventually also called him by his nickname. Freddie's bandmate, Brian May, has stated that Freddie changed his last name to Mercury because "Mother Mercury Mercury" in one of their songs, Freddie thought to be his own mother. From this, Freddie legally changed his name to Freddie Mercury.

Elton Hercules John was born as Reginald Dwight. He changed it because he loved Blues legends Elton Dean and Long John Baldry. His middle name came from the name of a horse from a British sitcom.

2. Even though they were gay, they had serious relationships with women.

Mercury was in a relationship with a woman named Mary Austin. They were each other's best friend but also shared love with one another. Mercury even ended up proposing to Mary who had accepted the proposal. Even though Mercury eventually accepted his own sexuality as a homosexual, he still considered Mary to be his common-law wife. When he died, he left her half of his $75 million estate.

Elton John, who is also an openly gay man, was married to a woman for 4 years. Her name was Renate Blauel. It came as a shock to most people who knew him because they knew of all his sexual affairs with men.

3. Both struggled with their sexuality.

Mercury claimed to be bisexual at one point as he had relationships with both men and women. Most people believed he was gay and said he was bisexual because being gay was not completely accepted in society at the time.

Elton John also said he was bisexual until 1988 when he came out as an openly gay man.

4. Elton and Freddie had addictions to drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Entering the music world, they both found themselves getting involved with drugs and alcohol as it tends to come with the environment. Elton John abused drugs, especially cocaine, to help with overcoming his shyness. Mercury's debauchery ended up costing him his life as it led to him contracting AIDS and dying in 1991.

5. Both found a love in the later years of their lives.

Freddie was dating Jim Hutton up until his death. Gay marriage was not legal in the U.K where they both lived, but they both still wore wedding bands to symbolize their commitment to each other.

Elton John has been with his partner, David Furnish, and they have been together for over 25 years. They formed a civil partnership in 2005 and got legally married in 2014. They are still married to this day and are raising their two sons together.