Frat Stereotypes
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Frat Stereotypes

ATO, Beta Sig, D Chi, D Sig, Lambda, Phi Psi, Pike, Pi Kapp, SAE, Sammy, and Sig Chi summed up by sorority girls.

Frat Stereotypes

In life, it's natural to want to know what people think about you. While I'm not a fan of stereotyping, I've always been curious as to what people think about me as an individual or even as to what people think about my sorority. Since I know you frat boys are curious as well, I asked girls from my sorority and various others to expand upon their thoughts on each fraternity. What you'll see below is the name of the fraternity, a direct quote from an anonymous sorority girl, and then the general consensus of how that particular frat is seen.

Alpha Tau Omega (ATO)

“The sweetest boys you will ever meet."

While some girls say that you're the sweetest boys they've ever met, some say otherwise. Depending on who you ask, your reputation tends to vary across the border. On a separate note, you have a love-hate relationship with Zeta, and everyone knows it. You'll probably find yourself ending up with one, but as of right now, you never want to see them again because you spend way too much time together. You're known for having a high cumulative GPA, raising the most money for THON, and somehow still maintaining a fairly modest ego (for a frat boy, that is).

Beta Sig (Affectionately known as “Bagel")

“Bagel? Oh I'm banned from there. I tried to fight someone. He literally said, 'Never return.'"

Your pre-game music is the best—much better than anything you play at parties. While your parties are fun, we'd much rather be upstairs in someone's room or in the basement than in the chaos of the crowd. On a side note, please work on crowd control. Having to wait in between those two small blue fences on the night of your parties has put people in a state of panic. Many times they decide they'd rather crash your social than face potential death by stampede. Finally, you'll most likely wife a lovely lady from ASA.

Delta Chi (D Chi)

“D Chi's are lovable sociopaths."

You live in cut-off t-shirts (with letters on them, obviously) that you ripped yourself. Most likely you're from Pittsburgh or Jersey, and you work out as frequently as you chug down protein shakes. Don't forget about leg day, though! You, like ATO, have a high cumulative GPA, which girls found both surprising and encouraging. We credit you with starting the “Jordan Belfort" song trend and your future wife will most likely be a Kappa. Also, props to you for having frat ducks…10 points for originality.

Delta Sigma Phi (D Sig)

“Ugh, I still need to get to Sailor's Ball so I can eat a goldfish."

Unlike most of the other fraternities listed here, you're not known for being extremely close with one particular sorority. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the plus side, most people feel welcome in your house and don't have to worry about things being too click-y. On the down side, your parties are hit or miss depending on who is there. Also, the pink elephants are kind of frightening. Are the rumors true?

Lambda Chi Alpha (Lambda)

"They're not afraid to dance all weird."

You're known for being very nice, and for being "goofy funny." You may not be the Ryan Gosling's of frat boys, but no one seems to care because you're so easy to get along with. You're best friends with Gamma Phi, but it's hard to say if you'll end up with one because at this point you're a little too close with them. Nonetheless, everyone who hangs out with you has nothing but good things to say.

Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi)

“OMG. I went there like every single night sylly week of my freshman year."

Some might say you're a little random, but the general consensus is that there are some solid gems in Phi Psi. While your parties are legendary during syllabus week—especially for incoming freshman—they are more infrequent later in the year. Nonetheless, when you do decide to have a huge party, you play great music and everyone comes. The only downside of everyone being invited is that things get click-y really fast because so many people are there who may not always hang out with each other.

Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike)

“The guys that are so nice to everyone and will always give you hugs. A little weird but you don't question it."

Chances are that back in high school you were an expert at schmoozing parents. You could very well be from Connecticut, Long Island, or New Jersey. You dress preppy every once in a while, but you'd much rather rock a jersey than a polo. Your parties are well loved, except your house is too small for the large turnout that is bound to ensue, and death is inevitable when trying to get up or down the stairs to the basement. Lucky for you, you're men of many options and your wife material goes anywhere from Alpha Phi to Kappa to Pi Phi to Theta.

Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp)

“R.I.P., Pi Kapp."

You got kicked off campus at the end of this semester, which was probably the best and the worst thing to ever happen to Greek Life. You really took one for the team because when Daylong SZN seemed like it was going to come to an anticlimactic end, you stepped up to the plate and held daylongs anyway. Moreover, as you went out with a bang, you made Pi Kapp late night the place to be every night. Bravo. You're known for being on the more “edgy" side and will most likely wife up a KD.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)

“Sigma Alpha Epsilon? More like, 'Oh my gosh, I wanna f a Theta mom.'"

The other frats give you crap for not having “real" pledging, but you make up for it by being personable. I've never heard any complaints about SAE boys being stereotypical douche-y frat boys. In fact, girls insist that you're the type of boys who would carry a girl home if you thought it would be unsafe for her to get back herself. There's a good chance that your mom or dad makes a large sum of money, but you try to be low-key about it. You have “The 90's" playing at any given time and you'll most likely find yourself either wife-ing up a Pi Phi or a Theta.

Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy)

“Welp... Went to my first Sammy social last night. I have marital dibs on 98% of them... you can enjoy the other two percent."

Amongst the predominantly Jewish frats, you're ubiquitously labeled as the best looking by all of the sorority girls, yet you rarely find out about it because they all keep it on the down low so they can have you to themselves. Your relationships with a few of the other fraternities aren't the best, as you tend to get in fights with guys you don't get along with, but the girls can't get enough. You don't dress like typical frat boys at all, but that's part of your charm. Also, the Sammy pit is legendary.

Sigma Chi (Sig Chi)

“Prep school boys you want to marry, AKA bae."

Chances are, you own at least one pair (but realistically, more like eight) of colored pants, ranging from salmon to powder blue. You are most likely from Connecticut or New York and vacation in Nantucket. You throw the best Thursday night parties, which SAE hates you for, and you'll probably find yourself wife-ing up an Alpha Phi. We'd really like to emphasize your need for pastel apparel and your expensive taste.

Well, there you have it. To be fully honest, I tried to keep things mostly positive. If you want to know the whole know where to find me.

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