What is a best friend, well in my opinion the one person you tell your deepest darkest secrets to the one that you can call at any point and they will most likely answer there phone unlike my best friend who feels the need to take super hard classes and not call me till midnight, but thats no big deal thats just part of our crazy friendship. Having the title of best friend is pretty important when it comes to your best friend dating you are the second line of defense , you have to figure out if this guy or girl deserves your best friends attention but also the hard part of being a best friend and not seeing them everyday.For me college split me and my best friend up we are only a hour away from each other but when when you are used to being 2 seconds away a hour is really long drive! So I have put together a list of ways to make sure you and your best friend don't miss any big important moments.

1) Plan phone dates, agree on a time where you and your bestie can get on the phone and talk about life or boys or whatever big important thing happened recently or just talk to each other your best friend was not there to see your day so tell them about it.

2) Be willing to go see them if possible , sometimes you just need to go huge your bestie.

3) Send them little things so your bestie knows you miss them and are thinking about them, sometimes we just all get so busy with school we forget to keep in touch even with the closest friends.

4) Meet there new friends when y'all go out don't get upset because your bestie invites another friend out , these new girls or guys are the people that your bestie is hanging out with so go have fun and meet them.

5) Best thing you can do is make new friends so that your new friends can meet your best friend you don't have to stay in box and not meet new people , that won't make whatever you are doing fun for example if you have started college and you are not putting yourself out there trying to meet new people you won't have anything exciting to tell your bestie when y'all talk.

Just remember no matter the distance y'all are best friends for a reason and y'all have been there for each other through at lot of stuff so no matter what happens y'all will always have each other if y'all put in the effort to stay connected!

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