Four Things I Learned Going To College Out Of State
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Four Things I Learned Going To College Out Of State

It's not always easy, but in the end you learn a lot and makes it totally worth it

Four Things I Learned Going To College Out Of State

was pretty nervous making the decision to move to a different state to start my college experience. Yes, it may only be a two-and-a-half-hour drive from home to my college, but it’s still a different environment and a complete change to what I was used to. College is stressful and requires a lot of growing up. When your growing up process takes place in a completely foreign environment, you learn a few things.

1.You learn how to make friends, fast.

I think we can all agree that the thought of being an outsider is pretty scary. When that thought is your reality, you hit panic mode a little. I am currently attending a school I had never heard of until after my graduation, no one from my hometown study here, and I am completely foreign to this place. Pretty scary situation at first, to be honest. I was put in a group chat for all the Music Educational Majors, like myself, and one night everyone decided it would be good if we all watched a movie just to get to know one another. Long story short, I made friends and I was a lot happier!

2.You lose touch with people.

I am not so happy to say that while attending a college out of state it isn’t easy on your connections back home. In college, you get busy. You are running around like a chicken with its head cut off and when you finally get time to yourself, you want time to yourself. You make new friends and drift away from the ones back home. It’s difficult keeping a connection with people! No, that does not mean you love them any less or you are not friends with them, you just have to realize that you’re growing up and you’re going on a different path than them right now.

3.You learn to appreciate your hometown now more than ever.

I HATED MY HOMETOWN SO MUCH because it was your typical small town, drama filled, crap-town that was always boring. Thus why it was filled with drama because there was nothing better to do. When you move off to a totally different environment, you learn that your old hometown isn’t that terrible anymore! It’s your home, it’s your origin. You may not have liked it that much, but you know that it was the town that helped shape you. No matter how big or small of a community it was, it is the place you will always be welcomed to. In your hometown is where you’ll run into your grandma’s Mexican Train Dominoes buddy at the grocery store and get to tell them all about your life. You’ll be recognized in your hometown and you’ll realize how good it feels to finally be in touch with someone that knows you.

4.You appreciate home cooking a lot more now than ever.

Okay, I am sick and tired of RAMEN NOODLES. I am tired of cafeteria food. I am tired of all the fast food joints on campus. I just want to go home and have fresh gumbo, or crawfish, or Mom’s fried deer meat! Not pizza that has been sitting under a light for a few hours to dry it up. What I would give to have my mom up here to cook for me! Now, not all cafeteria food is bad, but nothing compares to what I have back home in Louisiana.

Of course in college you learn to grow up and take more responsibilities. Very typical and basic stuff that everyone tells you and it’s very true! College is also a time when you make a lot of mistakes. That is completely okay! College is filled with many experiences that will change your perspectives and change your goals even. It’s an experience I am glad I am not missing out on! Being in a different state, even if it is only two-and-a-half-hours is a completely new experience for me. I am glad I chose the school I am attending.

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