18 Ways To Know If You've Found The Perfect Roommate(s)
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18 Ways To Know If You've Found The Perfect Roommate(s)

Have you found The One(s)?

18 Ways To Know If You've Found The Perfect Roommate(s)
Cameron DeVille

Sometimes, it can seem like the perfect roommate doesn't exist. After dealing with horror story roommates, it's easy to give up hope... and then you find them.

They clean (sometimes without you having to ask first).

When living with someone else, cleanliness can be a hot topic. You know you've found the right roommates if you handle this with calm understanding and level heads. Discuss your expectations and have everyone do their part.

They expect you to do your part.

They make you laugh.

Most of your time together is spent laughing.

They listen.

Whether it's just a discussion about your day or it's an existential crisis at 4a.m., they'll listen.

You're all willing to share (food, clothing, makeup, time, etc.).

You help each other.

Whether it's driving one another places, helping to edit a resume, or trying to figure out how to clean a vacuum...

You support each other.

When they win, you're thrilled. When you succeed, they're the ones cheering you on.

They can be just as loud as you are (sometimes louder)...

But you all know how to find that quiet balance.

Quiet work time in the living room anyone?

They know when to leave you alone.

When you're moody and just want to stay in your room, they aren't going to pester you.

They know when to take you out.

Sometimes, you need the extra push to go out and let yourself have fun.

They can be silly.

You trust each other.

You treat each other.

You picked up extra ice cream? Time to share. You're going to a show and know just who to take?

They know about and support your coffee addiction.

It's a problem, but it's a problem you share.

They put up with your quirks.

You miss them when you leave.

You lift each other up.

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