Summer is the favorite season of many people. The majority of people I encounter absolutely love warm weather and the sunshine, but I am not one of these people.

I love a nice crisp day, I love a freezing cold day when your hair literally freezes the second you step outside, I love a super dark and gloomy rainy day. A lot of people enjoy a rainy day here and there, but if it were up to me it would rain at least half the week in Georgia, or Kentucky, where I go to school.

I feel the most alive when it is dark and cool outside. I feel the most in tune with myself and my emotions when it is raining. I think more creatively, I perform better in school, and in general, I seem to thrive much better when it is not hot and bright outside.

That being said, Summer is not my prime time. To be honest I am ready for it to fly by so the cooler months are here and I can fully thrive. I am not proud of wanting time to fly by because I preach living in the moment and making the most of the situation you are in, but I will share how I plan to get through the next three super sunny, humid, scolding hot months in Georgia. Kentucky and fall, where ya at?

3 Words. Foster sunny thoughts. Here is my 3 step plan to foster sunny thoughts.

1. Do a social media cleanse.

Social media is so cluttered with people putting on their best face. Almost all of us share the good. We share the highlights of our lives. After all, why would we WANT people to see just how messy and f'd up our lives truly are? Honestly I have come to adore the mess and dysfunction.

People do not have to be perfect by any means, but I only want to keep up with people who care about themselves and living a happy life. To solve this problem, I did a social media cleanse.

I did not give up Instagram or delete Twitter off my phone for a few days, but what I did do was unfollow a bunch of people who add zero value to my life. If there was a person I was following in high school that I simply do not care about any more, I hit unfollow. I unfollowed toxic people from my past.

Letting the toxic people go includes giving up the need to keep up with their lives. Who cares what they are doing. They are in the past, let's leave them where they belong. Really there is no point to invest in irrelevant peoples' lives.

2. Find role models.

Find a role model or find a handful of them. It does not matter, but it is important to keep up with somebody you look up to. The most encouraging thing is finding somebody you admire whether it be a celebrity or even a friend, and dive deep to discover their hardships and all the terrible things they went through before getting to the point they are at.

Seeing others succeed after going through hell and back is what keeps pushing me forward when I am stuck in a rut. That is the beauty of a role model. Some of my role models are sorority sisters. They are my everything and send me encouraging messages, offer advice and a safe place to speak my mind, and when they come across a quote or video that would inspire me, they send it my way.

They are very real girls who have seen hardship. Even currently going through a rough time, but this does not make her less of a role model to me. We help each other through the rough patches and ruts.

3. Keep it sunny.

Reading positive quotes and little uplifting sayings is the easiest and most effective way to get my mind back on track and keep it sunny.

My favorite quotes are ones that empower women and motivate people to let go of the past and create the greatest version of themselves. I find my quotes primarily on Instagram. I follow a bunch of uplifting, intelligent, inspirational men and women who have amazing things to say. I keep so many quotes and encouraging words on my phone, and when I need them most they are there to save the day!