Drinking Games For When Playing Fortnite Sober Just Doesn't Cut It
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Drinking Games For When Playing Fortnite Sober Just Doesn't Cut It

Please be in compliance of all State and Federal laws regarding drinking alcohol while playing any of these games. Drink safely and responsibly!

Drinking Games For When Playing Fortnite Sober Just Doesn't Cut It

Fortnite just started season four this last week. I’ve been looking for a good drinking game while playing with friends for quite some time. I’ve decided to compile my favorite Fortnite drinking rules. After some research online, here is a compilation of my favorite rules split into three categories.

Level No-skin

Rules: Drink according to your ranking

Last Place = Finish your drink

Last – 75th = player takes five drinks

74th – 50th = player takes three drinks

49th – 25th = player takes two drinks

24th -10th = player takes one drink

9th – 4th = Everyone else drinks once

3rd – 2nd = Everyone else drinks five times

1st = Everyone else finishes their drinks

Level Tilted Towers

Rules: Drinking according to your actions

Drink for the entire time your character drinks (i.e. for the duration of a shield potion or slurp juice)

Finding a gold weapon = everyone takes a drink

Successful boogie bomb = non-players dance for 10 seconds

Every second in the storm is spent drinking

Opens a chest = everyone drinks once

Get knocked down = two drinks

Revive a partner = non-players drink twice

Land poorly = player takes two drinks

Land at Tilted Towers = non-players take two drinks

Level John Wick

Rules: Drink according to your kills/deaths

Normal kills = non-players drinks

Sniper kill = give a drink

Bush kill = non-players drinks three times

Trap kill = non-players take a shot

Death by storm in first two size changes = player finishes their drink

Death by storm = player takes five drinks

Death by ax = player finishes their drinks, neighbors drink, and one shotgun

Death by trap = player takes two drinks

Death w/o any kills = player takes two drinks

If you die, continue watching the player that killed you. Take a drink every time they get a kill. Non-players take three drinks if they win. Everyone drinks when that player dies in a solemn memorial.

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