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Put Drake On Pause And Add These 5 Foreign Songs To Your Playlist Right Now

These songs are not your typical American jam.

Put Drake On Pause And Add These 5 Foreign Songs To Your Playlist Right Now

Raise your hand if you have had it with Drake's song? You know, the one that plays over and over asking Kiki if she loves him. Yeah, me too. I recently began to realize that all American songs tend to get too much play on the radio, and they lose their appeal. I actually began listening to songs that are in languages other than English, because they don't get played on our American radio stations constantly. I came up with five of my favorites that you MUST add to your playlist.


Now if you read one of my previous articles that talked about music videos, you'll recognize that I included this same exact song in that article. The reason why I'm repeating myself is that this is a MUST if you want to expand your music taste beyond America. They are the most popular KPOP girl-group all around the world. They don't just target Korean audiences in their music, they include some English phrases, and even have made Japanese-exclusive versions of their songs. They sing, rap, and have killer dance moves. Plus they are very fashion forward, so they are good in my book.

2. Baby K: "Da zero a cento"

I actually was introduced to this song by my Italian professor. She is from Italy and said that you couldn't go anywhere in the country this past summer without hearing this song being played everywhere. Naturally, I gave in and watched the video and listened to the song, and it is POPPIN. Baby K is an Italian pop singer with style, vocals, and catchy hooks. I love everything about this song, not to mention the music video. The Italian language is something that I personally love because I have heavy Italian heritage. It has a killer beat and European sound to it that you just can't find here in America.

3. Becky G, Natti Natasha: "Sin Pijama" 

I have a thing for fierce female pop artists what can I say? This song is no different from the rest, as that it has an awesome beat and lyrics, but I love the language in the song. I can only understand minimal Spanish, but it is so beautiful and artistic compared to the rap we listen to here in America. If you're looking for a song when you're feeling spicy, this is definitely the track for you!

4. BTS: "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)"

Okay, so I have another KPOP song listed here, but it is SO GOOD. If you haven't heard of BTS the I'm honestly surprised. You don't have to be a fan of their music to have heard of them since they are a KPOP boy-band known throughout the globe. They create many catchy songs, but this one is exceptional because it was remixed by a well-known DJ and can be appreciated by people from many different cultures. The beat is so sick, that you can't help but move your body to it. It is a song that isn't primarily English that can still be appreciated by us Americans.

5. Baby K: "Aspettavo solo te"

Yes, this is the second song I've included in this list by Italian singer Baby K. But can you blame me? She has a talent for creating HITS. Plus I am a proud Italian, so I can't help but support my fellow Italians. She has something about the way she performs that resonates with me, even though she isn't singing in English. It is one of those songs where you are feeling yourself. It is more intimate in nature, but it is a beautiful song to listen to.

Music is powerful. It can create feelings within us all, and unite us, regardless of where we come from. I am from America, and yet I feel connected to the cultures where these songs come from, even though they are extremely different from the music that is produced here in America. I feel connected to my Italian heritage through Baby K's music, and I feel connected to Latino culture through a song by Becky G and Natti Natasha. Music from other parts of the world can truly be magical. Even if you don't feel a deep connection to these songs, you can at least add them to your playlist!

XOXO Jake :)

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