Being twenty years old and a conservative is not very common these days. After living this past election I have been labeled many things that I am not, and ironically, it is from the people who do not like to be "labeled." You are labeled as something you aren't just by being a conservative and it's not fair.

I've been labeled racist, sexist, uneducated, homophobic; however, I fit into not one of those categories. I have been blessed enough to be raised in a household in which I have been taught much better than to hate someone due to differences in beliefs we may have.

In this past election, Trump supporters have been accused of all of these things.

We did not choose Trump because we do not support a woman being president, we chose Trump because for the past eight years all we've seen is corruption in this country and we want a change. We watched our president defend someone for not standing during the national anthem, we have seen the removal of God from our school systems, flag burning, sitting during the National Anthem and attempts to suppress our second amendment rights.

During the election, I lost count of the posts of people saying that conservatives are filled with "hate" and people are "scared" as to what may come yet at the same time these are the same people who are protesting Trump's presidency by once again, blatantly disrespecting our country by burning the flag.

The majority of my classmates in college are liberal, along with many professors which is fine. But while sitting in class students would make remarks about Trump, and Trump supporters. I found myself feeling as if I wasn't able to speak up and give my opinion because I was outnumbered, and humiliated by some of the remarks that were made.

While being a conservative in college I have learned the true meaning of "tolerance." I have been taught to be proud of my views but to also keep an open mind while listening to other opposing views.

College has really sent me out of my comfort zone and has exposed me to different views and given me the opportunity to learn, discuss, persuade and sharpen my own views. I am blessed that I have been able to grow this way because many people are never able to and this is why they continue to reinforce their views within their comfortability.

Being a young conservative I have learned how to better communicate my ideas, be introspective about the Republican party's shortcomings and develop my own thoughts and opinions.