To My Favorite Coach

High school coaches are there to encourage the students and to help them reach their full potential. They are there to push the kids and make them believe that they can do it. High school coaches will be someone that student thinks about for the rest of their life.

They will always be the person they think about in difficult situations because most of the time they taught them how to handle it. Coaches are there to encourage, teach, push you, and build your character. Not all high school coaches are good, but when you get the best one you will know and forever remember them.

My favorite high school coach happened to be my best friends mom. She became like another mother to me. I first meet this special lad during my first grade year. She was the best teacher, and of course, I was her favorite student.

She has always been the one to push me to do my very best. She was the best cheer coach. She made us practice everyday which helped us even if we disagreed with it. She always knew what was best for us.

Her & Her Cheerleaderspersonal photo

Mrs. Ward is a coach like no other. I know every girl that she ever coached would agree with me. She gave up so much of her own personal time to make sure we were the very best every time we stepped out on that mat. She always wanted us to be the best. She taught us how to be great cheerleaders but also great people and what respect is. She always pushed us to be involved and be nice to everyone. We will always look up to her because the sacrifices she made for us will never go unforgotten.

My coach made such an impact on my life that I will forever be grateful for. She only was suppose to coach me; she did not have to do all the extra things she did for us. She taught us all the important life lessons she knew we would need for the future.

She will always be the person I remember from school at Ranburne. She was with me through elementary all through high school. Also, being her daughter's best friend I spent countless nights at their house. This special lady will always have a special place in my heart, and I could never thank you enough.

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