Sweet tea, having good manners, and church on Sunday are all very important traditions in the south. But everyone in the South Eastern Conference knows the most important one, college football.

You can go anywhere in the south on a Saturday game at home and see fans dressed to the nines.

Girls wear new outfits bought just for that game, five-inch heels, and have their hair curled with a face full of makeup while guys wear khakis, button-ups or sports polos, and blazers. Saturday tailgates and going to the game with your friends are like no other. Whether you are playing a small school team or an SEC rival, you will see everyone in their Sunday best.

Gameday is an all-day affair. Being with all your friends and family hanging out, outside of the stadium gets everyone excited for the day ahead.

Girlfriends come together to get prepped for the game. All helping each other do hair, makeup and perfect those game day outfits. Guys hang out and watch other games that are going on or the sports commentary before.

Although some people might not understand dressing up to sit on the uncomfortable bleachers or stand up the whole game, there is no other way to explain it other than it is the southern thing to do. Dressing up for a game is just a way of life in the South.

Without the game of football, you wouldn't hear about the fashion. Football is a tradition in the south. You grow up hearing stories of your dad playing it and you spend weekends with your family and friends all cheering for your teams' victory.

Everyone loves to spend their weekend rooting for their team. It is not just about the clothes, but the way we carry ourselves and represent the university.

Any social function is a big deal in the south. People love to dress up for a big event and they love football.