Foodstops Every Croton College Student Misses
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Foodstops Every Croton College Student Misses

Better have an empty stomach.

Foodstops Every Croton College Student Misses
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As the middle of my second semester of college is here, I’m missing a lot from my hometown—but mostly the food! I’m counting down the days until spring break, and it has me very excited to get back to all of these places and dine in for some good eats.

1. The Croton Colonial Diner

In high school, almost every weekend from midnight to 2 A.M. we would bring a rush of people into the diner. Howie would always greet us with kind words and would get the kitchen moving. Your order probably consisted of their bomb grilled cheese, french fries, and always a must— their milkshakes. It is a place that many of us just hang out for an hour and after everyone is finished with their food, their is no rush to leave.

2. Capriccio’s

Now, we don’t miss Capriccio’s II, we only miss Capriccio’s. Their slices of pizza could go against anyones. The fact that I’m attending a school in Upstate New York makes me realize how much I miss having their slices on the daily. We all end up there at some point during the week grabbing a quick slice. It is definitely a go to food stop for us Croton kids.

3. The Croton Mini Deli

Their menu is open ended, so anything you want, they will make. The biggest thing I miss from here is the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Breakfast started with a BEC from Mini. I could never order just one. They make them perfectly. When you open the wrapping and the sandwich the yolk of the egg drips down the middle of the roll and you know this is going to be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Don is the nicest guy in the world, he knows your name, and is the first to greet you when you order. Come lunch, their 'California' is something to have. You could argue that they don't melt their cheese all the way (@ David Mandelbaum haha).

4. Bagels-on-Hudson

Some of the best bagels in Westchester county, I think. An overload of cream cheese on the freshest bagel in the world. They also have amazing bacon, egg, and cheeses on a bagel, so it’s a must stop.

5. The Tavern

This place is always packed. More than likely you have to eat dinner at about 4:30 to get a seat or else you're probably eating at nine. They have the best wings around for sure. Some specials' nights they will have their 35 cent wings— yes it’s chaos. I highly recommend the New England clam chowder, their thin crust pizza, the lobster roll… and everyone’s favorite, the 'Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese' — to die for.

6. The Black Cow

Even if you don’t drink coffee you're in there to hang with friends and chill out for a few hours. All of us college students usually meet up here to catch up. Their coffee is a little bit on the pricey side, but every penny is worth it because this coffee is some of the best stuff out there. The owner Mike Grant gives a great local feel and home environment to the place that almost all of Croton is in there at some point during the day.

7. The Blue Pig

I am a former employee to this local ice cream shop, so I’ll be the first one to tell you that their ice cream is legit. A variety of flavors that alternate as the seasons change. Owner Lisa Moir takes great care of this place; I honestly can call it a home. Flavors from Aztec Hot Chocolate to Brown Sugar Cinnamon are all favorites. You also can’t forget about their Blue Pig M&M, a classic choice. It's not just ice cream, how about their soups!! The Blue Pig is open year round and with homemade Chicken Noodle soup, Pumpkin, and Butternut Squash, it's always a hit come the holidays. They were also 2014 Best of Westchester for their ice cream. A lot of high praises for this place— I just can’t wait to get a cone.

Well now I'm hungry.

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