Gourmand52 Supporting Independent Restaurants
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Gourmand52 Supporting Independent Restaurants

Hey foodies and collectors, we've got the perfect collab for you!

Gourmand52 Supporting Independent Restaurants

Would you like the chance to support some of New York City's most iconic restaurants including Joe's Pizza, Atoboy, Estela, Gramercy Tavern and more?

Gourmand 52

Gourmand 52 is a deck of playing cards featuring original, hand-drawn illustrations of New York City's most iconic restaurant dishes, highlighting the city's uniquely vibrant, historic and innovative food scene. Now that's definitely something to bring out at your future dinner parties.

With support from S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water, and Bentobox, the Gourmand team is launching limited edition decks that are available for purchase now at gourmandcommunity.com. Get yours today! - how cool would it be to own the first edition deck that holds so much of New York's culture?

Fifteen percent of proceeds from the cards sold will directly benefit ROAR (Restaurants Organizing, Advocating & Rebuilding). If you're unfamiliar with ROAR - ROAR was born in March 2020, founded by a group of industry professionals impassioned to fight for unemployed restaurant workers facing financial hardship and to advocate for an industry in crisis. If the card deck wasn't enticing enough, supporting this mission definitely is!

To celebrate the launch, Josh Beckerman, otherwise known as Foodie Magician, will be putting on a ticketed Magic Show at Gertie on November 11th from 6:30-9:00. Purchase tickets here.

Gourmand 52: Crypto Edition

The team is also launching an NFT (Non-fungible Token) collection of the artwork on October 15th at 4PM ET at opensea.io/gourmand52. NFT Owners will receive an exclusive membership to the group, allowing them access to special events and unique perks that span both the metaverse and real world. They will also receive a special edition of the physical deck, as well as opportunities for one of a kind restaurant experiences with world-class chefs and industry leaders. Join the Discord and stay tuned on Twitter for giveaways and announcements.

Who / What is Gourmand?

Founded by UPenn students Maggie Tang and Alaina Chou, Gourmand sets out to raise awareness for some of the most important issues in the food industry and inspire the next generation not only to pursue hospitality, but to take the industry by storm. Working with artist @Amy Yang (and Malia Kealaluhi for the NFT edition) they designed this deck to support independent restaurants.

Gourmand aims to inspire and foster community through engaging events, their podcast,

and mission-driven digital content.

UPENN student or not, definitely follow Gourmand and their mission! Their socials are: @maggietang__ , @alainachou, @amy.y.ang, and @_maliamae

The Sponsors

S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is a premium sparkling mineral water that flows naturally from a thermal spring in San Pellegrino Terme, near Bergamo (Lombardia). S.Pellegrino® has a unique balance of effervescence and rich minerality which cleanse the palate and amplify subtle flavors, making it the perfect complement to fine food and wines. Its clean, refreshing taste has distinguished S.Pellegrino® as a preferred sparkling water by leaders of the global culinary community.

S.Pellegrino is committed to supporting the chef community. To help restaurants get through this difficult period and help rebuild the industry, S.Pellegrino launched #SupportRestaurants, providing tangible support through a variety of initiatives around the world. For more information, visit www.sanpellegrino.com or www.finedininglovers.com.

Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water

Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water is filtered slowly drop by drop through the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany for an unmistakable taste. The name Acqua Panna originates from the respected Villa Panna, a Renaissance-era estate on which the spring water's source was discovered in 1564. Served in the best restaurants the world over, its special mineral balance harmonizes and elevates the food and wine experience. Acqua Panna is truly a water worth savoring. For more information, visit www.acquapanna.com/us.


Over 7,000 restaurants worldwide rely on BentoBox for elevated design, built-in marketing tools, actionable data and a best-in-class customer experience. The platform includes products such as websites, ordering (online ordering, pre-order & catering, gift cards,merchandise, ticket) and events management. BentoBox is trusted and loved by hospitality groups such as José Andrés's ThinkFoodGroup and Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group and independent restaurants including Sunday in Brooklyn, Don Angie, and Lucali.

All participating restaurants include:

1. 886

2. Adda

3. Atoboy

4. Café China

5. Carbone

6. Casa Enrique

7. Cosme

8. Charlie Bird

9. Compagnie

10. COTE

11. Crown Shy

12. Dante NYC

13. Don Angie

14. Estela


16. Frenchette

17. Gramercy Tavern

18. Hūso

19. Her Name is Han

20. Jack's Wife Freda

21. Jeju Noodle Bar

22. Joe's Pizza

23. Joe's Steam Rice Roll

24. Jungsik

25. Katz Deli

26. King

27. Lamalo

28. L'artusi

29. Lilia

30. Loring Place

31. Lucali

32. Mala Project

33. Milu

34. Minetta Tavern

35. Nami Nori

36. Olmsted

37. Oxalis

38. Sunday in Brooklyn

39. Superiority Burger

40. Raku

41. Rezdôra

42. Russ & Daughters

43. TabeTomo

44. Thai Diner

45. The Four Horsemen

46. Ugly Baby

47. Upland

48. Via Carota

49. Wayla

50. Wildair

51. Win Son

52. Xi'an Famous Foods

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