We Need These 5 Food Places To Expand Onto The East Coast

Social media and the internet has its pros and cons. One of its biggest cons is having the opportunity to see amazing food places all over the country . . . and not being able to eat there because it's not available in your state! Here are the top 5 places that really need to open in the Northeast area of the United States.


Jollibee is the Philippine's #1 food chain and in the past few years, they have expanded with a few stores in the United States. Though none of their stores have opened near me and the closest store is in NYC. They're most famous for their Chickenjoy fried chicken. Their menu includes an array of unique burger, fries, and noodle offerings.

In N Out

Anyone on the East Coast can relate to missing out on In N Out burgers. I've seen the mouthwatering pictures and videos and it's really hard not to get jealous. In N Out, if you're reading this, please expand into the East Coast, you'll make a lot of business.


You can only have so many McDonald's burgers and fries. I'd like some more variety and having Whataburger as an option would be exciting.

Boba Guys

I first heard of the Boba Guys through YouTube and once again felt left out on having the opportunity to try the amazing variety of bubble tea options they give. Please Boba Guys, expand into the Philadelphia area!

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is that coffee I feel like everybody in the U.S. knows about and goes to regularly . . . except me. There's a Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts on every corner in my city and no other big coffee chains to quickly run to. I'm exhausted by the limited options and would really like to try Philz!

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